Ethan: The Ultimate Transformers Bash


Because of the nature of styling, every once in a while it is such a breath of fresh air to do a party that is just good, old-school fun. In this case, that old-school fun is none other than Transformers!

The challenge for this particular party was, how do you use the natural elements of styling (ie, the use of actual props instead of balloons) and translate it into something that is recognizably Transformers? Given that this is a theme that is traditionally executed via balloons and styrofoam backdrops, it was definitely going to take up a lot of brain power!

Here’s how we did it:

IMG_7882 copy

The stage was bordered by a steel pattern, with Bumblebee doing an awesome action pose while standing on a circular lighted pedestal. My favorite here is the treatment on the block letters, which has a very masculine construction vibe to it.

IMG_7855 copy

We stuck with the color scheme of red, blue (for Optimus Prime) and yellow (for Bumblebee) for the ceiling treatment, using swags and lanterns to transform the venue.

IMG_7941 copy

The table centerpieces were decorated with hexagon-patterned runners with these very cool Transformers masks! Here’s one with Optimus Prime.

IMG_7847 copy

Here’s another one with Bumblebee! The masks were extremely cool, as they came equipped with LED lighting near the eyes!

IMG_7889 copy

A major highlight of the party was this amazingly intricate cake done by none other than The Bunny Baker! And guess what, all of the elements on the cake which includes the fearsome dinosaur, the Decepticons, and even Optimus Prime and Bumblebee battling it out on top of the crumbling building, were made from fondant cake! This was a real highlight in the party!

Of course, speaking of cake, the whole party wouldn’t be complete without the delectable creations of Simply Paris!

IMG_7893 copy

IMG_7916 copy

IMG_7896 copy

IMG_7894 copy

IMG_7957 copy

Lastly, this party wouldn’t be complete without of course the actual Transformers dropping by the party and bringing down the house!

IMG_7984 copy

IMG_7986 copy

These mascots are so lifelike, you can literally feel fear oozing out from you as you stare into those blood red eyes of Megatron!

Nikki and I couldn’t help but take a group shot with them though!

IMG_7992 copy

A truly special part of the event was none other than the grand entrance of Ethan. With these Transformers standing in front and ready for welcome, Ethan struts down from the entrance and towards the stage, all decked out in a Bumblebee costume. Check out Ethan in yellow on the stage below!

IMG_8013 copy

A big congratulations to Rommel, Saide, and Ethan for a truly fun filled birthday celebration!

IMG_7929 copy

‘Til the next party,


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