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The Day I Became A Better Stylist


I remember the night as clear as day. It was one of our first events, and my husband and I were doing a mock-up of how the dessert table would look like for that party (the theme was Cat in the Hat). After displaying all the dessert jars and containers, and having been satisfied with the output, I told my husband to pack things up. And then the unthinkable happened. The table was one of those foldable ones with the bendable legs. My husband, perhaps in his rush to set up the table, forgot to...

Lily’s French Carnival


LAZ AND LILY: A TALE OF TWO MIRACLES A few years ago, I heard a story from a client that would stick to me up to this day: For some time, my client and her husband found it hard to conceive a child. So they went to the Holy Land itself, Israel, and lo and behold, a child was conceived! Thus was their firstborn, Laz, dubbed the “miracle baby”. A year later, Party Magic helped the couple, Raul and Laurice, celebrate the miracle of life during Laz’s first birthday. This was back...

Margaux’s Flintstones Birthday: A Truly Rocking Party!


WELCOME TO BEDROCK (pop. 2,500, Stone Age) Following off in the same vein as my previous post, Aerin: Meet Riverdale’s New Sweetheart, here’s another novel idea for a theme, this time coming from one of the greatest TV cartoons of all time: The Flintstones! Meet the Flintstones. Can anybody say, “Yabba Dabba Doo!” Margaux Rocks One in this Truly Unique Party Part of the allure of designing children’s parties is the sheer breadth of the possible: one week I’m working on a pastel Gems party, and...

Aerin: Meet Riverdale’s New Sweetheart


A RIVERDALE PARTY While my brother was busy collecting his Marvel and DC comic books, I was happily flipping the pages of my Archie Comics, getting updated on the life of America’s quintessential boy next-door, and the predicament he usually found himself in by being in the middle of Betty and Veronica. But wouldn’t it be the bee’s knees if you could relive the life and times of Riverdale, but this time as your own character? Meet Aerin, Riverdale High’s new transfer...

Aislinn: A Nostalgic Walk Down Old Hong Kong


A THEME STEEPED IN HISTORY AND CULTURE If you are like me (that is, a thirty-something Filipino-Chinese), there is a 90% chance that you are intimately familiar with that shopping-mecca / Christmas-holiday-destination, the land known as Hong Kong. But besides this, Hong Kong represents an ideal: it’s the land of progress, of modernity. It’s inextricably linked to the Motherland, that vast giant called China. For me, it is also a land that I call my second home, not because I go...

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