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Surya’s Palm Springs Party!


MY VERY LATE NEW YEAR’S GREETING The guilt has been piling up on me these past few days as I’ve been neglecting my blog. Although this diary of mine does not earn money (in fact, I lose money on this as I have to pay hosting fees to keep the lights on!), I am compensated thru non-financial means: because of, I get to do my 2nd favorite thing: writing. One of the reasons why I haven’t been able to sit down in front of my laptop lately is because it was, until...

Fifi & Co: Clothing That Your Kids Actually Love To Wear


THE BIRTH OF FIFI & CO When my husband first suggested that I append my name onto our then fledgling business called Party Magic, thus making it “Party Magic by Michelle Lao”, I balked. To me, in typical “Filipino-Chinese” way, it seemed quite uncomfortable to put my name right out there. What if my friends notice? Wouldn’t it be better to be under this pseudonymous corporate umbrella, called simply “Party Magic”? And most of all, the biggie: What...

Solen & Carli’s Pitch-Black Glow In The Dark Party


JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU’VE DONE IT ALL… After hundreds of parties, you would have thought that Party Magic has seen and done all the types of parties that could ever be made. But then Solen and Carli came along… and asked for a glow in the dark party. Brights lights, big city… Solen and Carli’s totally psychedelic party! UNIQUE PARTY #3 After blogging about our recent Brie’s Totoro party (Unique Party #1), and JC’s Greek themed party (Unique Party...

JC The Philosopher: A Truly Unique Greek Party


THE TRULY UNIQUE PARTY Continuing on with my blog post series on themes and their importance in a party, here’s one that I’m sure you won’t expect: One of a kind? JC’s Greek-inspired party. Photos by the amazing Delightful Little Darlings team! This time around, I am so grateful to both my friends Bev (mommy of JC), and Den Llanos-Dee (yes, you know her, the photographer), who conceptualized this amazing theme! Somehow, they knew that this one would turn out to be an...

Meet My Neighbor Totoro: Brie’s 1st Birthday


THE THEME IS KING One thing that people often underestimate is the power of a well-chosen theme. You see, themes drive the whole aesthetic of the party, shaping the way it will turn out right from the start. Needless to say though, the stylist is also crucial to the execution of a theme! Sometimes a theme idea comes from me, sometimes from the client, but I just love it when a client introduces me to a theme that I didn’t know, but grew to love. This 2017, I am truly blessed to have my...

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