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Quino’s 1st Birthday: A Tribute To Wes Anderson


THE TRUE MEANING OF EVENT STYLING If someone were to ask, say, what do I do for a living, and it’s the busy middle of the day, I would say, “I decorate kiddie parties” and leave it at that. If, however, you caught me as the day ebbs away and in a more romantic mood, I would probably be more inclined to say, “I transport children (and adults) into a visual dream as they celebrate occasions that matter to them.” So, what is event styling? Why it’s magic, of...

Hola Amigas! Fifi & Co’s Playdate 2019: A Fifiesta Celebration


FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER, AND ANOTHER… One of the lesser known facts about myself is my love for fashion. An¬†even lesser¬†known fact is that I was once an investment banker, a long, long time ago. Who would’ve guessed that many years later, I would end up being a mom of 2 beautiful daughters, put up my own event styling company, and a kid’s fashion line to boot? Fifi & Co. Photos taken by the AMAZING Anj and Cha at Delightful Little Darlings! One thing I realized is that...

The Best Food Cart Concepts for 2019 (With Exclusive Promos Inside)


THE ONE OFFERING TO RULE THEM ALL Here’s a riddle for you: what do birthday parties have, that debuts and weddings don’t? Simple: food carts. Weddings and debuts ain’t got nothing on birthday parties, because at birthday parties, we get our pick of snacks, whether it be fries, churros, burgers, or ice cream and we get to eat them all, even before the program starts. That’s right. No need to wait for those latecomers to arrive for the program (and the meals) to start! MY...

Chad Mason’s The Greatest Showman Party


THE BEST COMPLIMENT A STYLIST CAN EVER GET It’s actually not, “the styling was beautiful!”, although those words bring such great comfort to me and my team. It’s also not, “the theme turned out really nice!”. No, it’s not a proclamation of words, written or otherwise. So what is the best compliment? It’s the client hiring you for the 2nd time. Watch the spectacle that is Chad’s birthday party. Photos taken by Delightful Little Darlings. More...

Allie’s Kate Spade Party


Today, I am literally jumping with joy. Because I get to share with you this really special party we made: Now this is not usually me, jumping out and sharing with you this picture all of a sudden with not even an introductory paragraph, but I just couldn’t help it. It’s so cute and happy and beautiful! If anyone noticed on our social media and this blog, we have been posting more and more pictures of parties we’ve done at this particular venue. See, for example, Ellie’s...

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