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Kaia’s Little Town


It’s the little things that matter most.  They say sisters share a bond unlike any other. Arya loves and adores her little sister Kaia so much that she wanted to make Kaia’s first birthday more memorable by helping conceptualize and plan the big event! Usually, we work with moms more, but Arya wanted to be hands-on as much as Mommy Jorina was. Talk about sister of the year! 💖 With her talent and love for the arts, Arya helped create the visuals and invitations for Kaia’s grand celebration. And...

Challenge accepted: Santi’s action-packed Ninja Kidz 5th birthday


Anyone can be a ninja kid So Santi did!  Ninja Kidz, the popular kids’ TV show on YouTube starring a family of martial artists, imparts to its viewers that anyone can be a ninja kid by developing their talents and embracing challenges, and that’s exactly what Santi wanted to be on his 5th birthday.  I personally think that the ethos of achievement and aspiration that Ninja Kidz espouse is absolutely perfect for young budding kids. Plus heck, have you seen Santi in a ninja costume? Our very own...

Two Wild and Wonderful: Rafa’s 2nd Birthday Bash


A bedazzling safari adventure Gather your troops and hop on a bedazzling safari adventure with Rafa on his 2nd birthday celebration. 🥳 Birthday parties are all about fun and exploration. They are also the perfect avenue to create moments that celebrants and their families will cherish and remember.  For Rafa’s 2nd birthday party, Mommy Katrina wanted to immerse guests and her darling celebrant in a luxe safari look and feel to unearth the wonders of the wild. As an event stylist myself, I enjoy...

Anika’s Pastel Playdate: A 3rd Birthday To Remember


Child-Party-Fit 🥳 One thing I advocate for in almost every party that I handle is what I call “child-party-fit”. I’m shamelessly borrowing from the startup world’s widely-used concept of “product-market-fit”, which involves that point where your startup gains traction (through users) because you’re solving a real, urgent need. The product and the market simply “fits”. Applying that same lens from an event stylist’s POV, it’s often overlooked how important it is that you create events that are...

Chloe’s 7th: A Retrospective


You never really get tired of seeing your children at their happiest The Comeback First of all, the happy announcement: after a long, 3-year hiatus, I’m back. And by “I”, I don’t mean Party Magic, as we never really left in the intervening years; even during the pandemic, Party Magic continued to serve its mission to all families and children: to help them make magical memories. When I said I’m “back”, I meant I’m back at it, typing away in front of my laptop, writing again. It feels really...

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