Sam: A Barnyard Blowout!

What I love the most about styling is how different each and every party turns out. No matter how long you’ve been in this industry, as long as you keep yourself inspired, you will always surprise guests, and even yourself!

When I heard from the client that she wanted a “barn” theme, I was all raring to go! This was simply because there are so many possibilities in creating a “styling twist” to this classic theme.

Take, for example, the stage. It was a perfect opportunity to create an iconic barn facade, and this is exactly what the Party Magic team did:

IMG_9556 copy

What I love about this setup is that it is not too serious, nor is it too “cartoony”. It is the perfect blend of stylishness that appeals to the adults, and playfulness that in turn appeals to the kids!

IMG_9535 copy

IMG_9523 copy

Believe it or not, those vegetables that you see are fake! It was so much fun using these ingenious details and sprinkling them all over the venue.

My next favorite element is the ceiling decor itself. Instead of the usual decor, I opted to use fabric bunting flags of varying patterns. This created that important “festive” feel, kind of like what you feel when you walk in a fair or market. Check the view below:

IMG_9558 copy

Isn’t that breathtaking?

IMG_9683 copy

If you take a closer look at the stage setup (look at the table on the left side), you will see the birthday cake integrated into the decor as well. It’s so cute!


The centerpieces were not to be left behind. We had two types of centerpieces – the fruit basket, and the plant bowl. Which one do you like more?

IMG_9694 copy

IMG_9686 copy

For the photo-op area, we held a photo montage of the birthday boy himself, Sam! This area was just the right kind of “busy” – tight and filled with props, but not too much to be confusing and cluttered.


IMG_9589 copy

IMG_9593 copy

IMG_9602 copy

Let’s zoom in on my favorite element – the 3 cloth ponies!

IMG_9607 copy

The dessert table was a story all unto itself. Take a look at the whole spread below:

IMG_9651 copy

The whole idea was to simulate how food would be displayed inside a country fair or barn. Imagine wooden tables spread out, with a smattering of hay and straw, filled with delicacies displayed on wooden crates and boxes and cake stands. Let’s zoom in and take a closer look:

IMG_9715 copy

IMG_9630 copy

IMG_9643 copy

Again, Simply Paris did an awesome job on the treats! All treats were customized to match the colors of the styling as well as the barn element. Take a look at the toppers too; such detail!




IMG_9637 copy

Of course, what’s a barn theme without chick cake pops?

IMG_9641 copy

A happy happy celebration for little boy Sam and family!

‘Til the next party,


Keith Henry: A Celebration Fit For A Little Prince!

Ever since we did our very first Little Prince party last year (see here for the post), we have been receiving requests to style parties with this theme in mind. And why not? When our first client, Erika, came to us with this idea, I was instantly in love.

Think about it. This is the book that we all grew up with, that talks about the royal child, whose travels brought him to meet fantastical things such as the wise fox, the king, a conceited man, and even a land of forty-four sunsets!

Little Prince is arguably one of the best themes for a styled party. Although it is character-based, the character is not as overused as Mickey or Minnie Mouse. It’s visually impressionable, nostalgic, and even romantic. Most of all, every little element that you can place in your party (such as the rose, stars, asteroids, the sheep, the baobab tree, etc.), carries a deeper and philosophical meaning.

For the stage, the concept was about The Little Prince’s great escape: getting flown away by a flock of wild birds. This is probably the most romantic scene in the whole book:

IMG_9163 copy

IMG_9198 copy

Alongside the Little Prince are all of his friends: the fox, the sheep, asteroids, and even the famous baobab tree!

IMG_9171 copy

IMG_9201 copy

Our new version of the Little Prince is the cutest! It’s a huge stuffed toy, personally created by our Party Magic team! Isn’t he so huggable?

Another favorite of mine in the party was the entrance set-up. Take a look!

IMG_9145 copy

For left hand side of the entrance, we had a photo-op platform framed by a backdrop with Little Prince artwork and quotation. The quote reads, “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” The platform is bordered by a life-sized version of the Little Prince book itself! The set-up was so enticing that even passersby couldn’t help but step on the platform and have their pictures taken!

The set-up on the right hand side is a bit too wide for one camera cover, so I will post it in 3 batches:

IMG_9139 copy

IMG_9147 copy

IMG_9155 copy

The open book reads what I think touches on one of the most important points of the book: “All grown ups were children once, but only a few of them remember it.” Children are most special by the twinkle of their eyes as they see the world for the first time.

Off to the side is the famous rose garden that the Little Prince discovered during his stay on Earth, and on the ground, the Little Prince’s beloved rose.

IMG_9158 copy

The rose garden was adorned with even more precious items: Keith Henry’s photos!

IMG_9232 copy

Another adorable touch was the table centerpiece, showcasing a fox, miniature trees, books, and roses in a cup. The fox is so adorable! (it was supplied by the client)

IMG_9212 copy

Above is another centerpiece set, this time with a white fox!

In the end, The Little Prince is all about the innocence of children. Sometimes, we are all caught up with our own worries that we forget that the most important things in our lives are the simple things.

The whole point of our work, in this party as well as in every other party that we do, was to create a styling so well done that even adults feel the like children once again. I hope that we are successful with this for our future parties to come!

IMG_9189 copy

Cheers to the cutest Little Prince of all, Keith Henry!

‘Til the next party,


Jax: A Robotic Space Station Party

Although the art of styling covers both styling for boys and girls, these two types of events could not be any more different. In my experience, styling for girls usually emphasize the general setting or ambiance of the party, whereas styling for boys focuses more on a specific element in the event.

In other words, styling for girls involves creating a beautiful setting based on something grounded in reality (think garden, tea party, baking, candy, ice cream), while styling for boys involves something that is literally out of this world (think monsters, superheroes, robots). This is of course just a general statement and therefore there will always be exceptions to this observation.

For this particular party, the specific elements were: Robots and Space. Jiselle, who also happened to be a good friend of mine, only had 1 specific requirement for her son Jax’s most special day: make the ceiling decor extraordinary.

And so the Party Magic team and I rolled up our sleeves and got right to it:

DSC_5345 copy

DSC_5340 copy

To be different, instead of the usual lanterns, we decided to use gold and silver stars instead, with the center portion of the ceiling containing large 3-feet stars. Alternating teal and orange swags were hung in between the stars. The goal was to make the guests feel as if they are in space. I hope they did!

The concept of the stage was a robot factory, with the making of robots in progress. The central portion focuses on a sort of robot platform where all the assembly gets done, while the left and right portions of the stage contain elements that are related to a robot factory: grills, barrels, checklists, pipes, and gears.

DSC_5329 copy

DSC_5333 copy

DSC_5359 copy

As a side spectacle, we placed a giant rocket ship off to the right side of the stage, ready at any time to blast off and carry our guests off to the heights of imagination!

DSC_5343 copy

The photo booth is a favorite of mine. The concept was a sort of control room or bridge of a space station, with a control panel board and decorated with led strip lights to provide some hi-tech luminescence! See the signage on the top right? It reads: JRI, Jax Robotics Institute!

DSC_5463 copy

Simply Paris created some wonderful creations again with the dessert table! Check them out below:

DSC_5471 copy

DSC_5469 copy

DSC_5475 copy

I love this: the Mini Banoffee Shuttle! Ready to shuttle you off to sweet goodness!

DSC_5490 copy

Also another of my favorite: the Mango Panna Cotta. One of the main reasons why Simply Paris’ desserts get cleared out early in every party is because its desserts have just the right level of sweetness, which is not too much.

DSC_5477 copy

Do you see all those cute cupcake toppers? Just love all that detail. Considering how small these toppers are and how hard it was to cut them to shape, these are definitely a labor of love!

Congratulations to mommy Jiselle for organizing such a party and a very happy happy birthday to sweet Jax!

DSC_5407 copy

‘Til the next party!


Event Styling 101: Mermaids, Layering, and Creating Awesome Dessert Tables

Event styling has brought about no less than a revolution in the kiddie or children’s party industry. Whereas just a couple of years ago it was commonplace to see an explosion of balloons and styrofoam backdrops, matched with a whole gamut of famous, Disney-related characters, now we are equally privileged to enjoy a more sophisticated aesthetic, painted with various themes such as Nautical, Mermaid, Baking, Transportation, and the like. 

In my mind, styling has the following characteristics:

1. It is thematic and non-character based. Themes have long been part and parcel of children’s parties, and will always be so, as kids love to immerse themselves in a fairy tale make-believe world full of wonder. The difference between styling and the conventional party though, is that the themes are more about general concepts rather than a specific character (such as Mickey Mouse, Cars, etc.).


Our mermaid-themed party. This was so much fun! More info on the party below.

2. A cohesive and limited color scheme. In majority of cases, stylists work with a preset palette of colors. This coordinated approach leads to the strong punch of visual splendor that you feel whenever you enter a perfectly styled event. 

A frequent misconception about event styling is that it is all about minimalism. In other words, some people might interpret this sort of minimalism as simple, or bare. While styling does sometimes exemplify minimalism and clean lines, it is not always so, as for certain themes and occasions it may be more advantageous to incorporate a bit more orderly chaos.

A perfect example of this point is a recent event Party Magic styled, which is a Mermaid theme for Andie’s 7th birthday. The concept of the stage itself, which aims to present an underwater scenery, is practically begging itself for a burst of imagination!


What I mean by layering is the exercise of putting on levels upon levels of various props until you achieve that very deep, very full look. It is not simply putting on stacks upon stacks of any item that you can find and throwing them all in one place. The professional stylist should pay attention to various details, such as the size of each prop, placement within the whole scene, proper balancing and the like.

There should be a sense to all the madness, so to speak!

In the case of Andie’s party, the basic foundation of the background was a printed backdrop that was flat and had absolutely no texture. This was then layered upon with the treasure chests on the ground, which was then surrounded with various small and mid-sized items such as candlesticks, seahorses, buoys, birdcages, window panes, and anchors. The focal point is the slightly off-centered giant seashell.


My favorite part of the scene though, is the top portion:

IMG_8662 copy

This was where we hung jellyfishes, seaweeds, and nets to create that busy look. Layering gives you the illusion of depth, and by doing these things, the graphics on that flat printed backdrop was further amplified and even appeared to have some dimension!

IMG_8667 copy

Another favorite of mine was how the Party Magic team placed the cake. Positioned the cake as part of the scenery, and even enclosed its area with some undersea greens, as if the cake was unfolding from a dream!

Besides the stage, another element that can really make your party extra special is the dessert table. The usual cupcakes and fondants are quite nice, but isn’t it more exciting to do gourmet styled desserts customized to your theme? Again, Simply Paris did an amazing job here. Just take a look at those Gradient Jello in Jars! This type of dessert could work well on a nautical or beach theme as well.  

IMG_8683 copy

Instead of the usual macaron, Simply Paris concocted Macaron Shells, complete with pearls inside! The presentation of it is also noteworthy: the Macaron Shells were placed on top of crushed Graham crackers that were made to look like sand!

IMG_8692 copy

Here is another ingenious twist on the classic cake pop: Octopus Cake Pops!

IMG_8676 copy

And last but not least, the Pina Colada Cupcakes! It is amazing that such a simple tweaking on a classic item (such as putting cherries, pineapples, and mini umbrellas) can completely transform its look.

IMG_8675 copy

A happy happy birthday to Andie! Hope you had as much fun in your party as we did in decorating it!

‘Til the next party,


Laz: It’s A Small World (Boy Version)

The theme It’s A Small World is arguably THE theme that started the whole styling revolution. This is probably the most popular and well-remembered party that the pioneer Barbie Pardo styled.

Our client, Laurice, approached us and requested for an It’s A Small World theme, but this time with a unique twist: she wanted a male version of the theme to coincide with the celebration of her baby boy Laz’s 1st year. This party was made extra special as the client hired the famous Krissy from Little People Photography! She was generous enough to share her wonderfully snapped photos with me, which I will now share with you.

The client had a beautifully designed invitation, and this was what we used to jump start our brainstorming:


The client and I both agreed to go for the following colors: teal, light blue, lavender, and regal gold. In short, something that is more masculine, but soft enough to maintain the sense of childhood whimsy present in the original It’s A Small World (did any of you take that famous ride in Hong Kong Disneyland?)

For the stage, we decided to go all-out and create the famous It’s A Small World facade, only this time on a much larger scale! (The tip of the largest tower there, touching the ceiling swags, is around 12 feet!)



The area in front of the stage was covered with grass, and bordered by these cute lampposts, to create a special, semi-enclosed area where the kids can play, run around, do activities.


For the ceiling treatment, we decided to enclose all areas surrounding the central cove lighting, putting swags on a downward angle to create a more intimate scene. Lanterns and hot air balloons were used for accent drop decors.


The centerpiece was a beautiful floral arrangement topped by helium-filled balloons in gold ribbons and backed by a printed label showing a child of different nationality per table. This was a cute idea by Laurice! Instead of the usual table numbers, each of her tables had a designated country assigned to it! Can anybody guess what country this table is?


Speaking of cute ideas! Each of the guests’ children had to come in uniform representing a different country in the world, with a prize going out for the best in costume! Aren’t these kids super adorable?



One of the things I liked the most about Blue Leaf is the venue’s spacious outdoor lawn and entrance areas, which we took advantage of by placing a set-up:






The cake, crafted by Sugarbox, was also an amazing creation, and a small world all by itself!  





The giveaway was equally mouthwatering. Take a look at those beautiful stools! Which one would you take home if you had the chance?


For the dessert table, we hung paper dolls of the children of various nationalities, topped by light blue, lavender, and gold pompoms. Aren’t those staircase cupcake holders so cute!




As we went along during the preparations, I learned from Laurice about the story of Laz, and all the obstacles that Laurice and her husband experienced (when the couple were still trying to conceive, they even went to Jerusalem!). It was because of all of the difficulties that they’ve faced and overcome that Laurice and her husband wanted to make this celebration extra-special. And it was that! Nothing is sweeter than seeing your beloved grow to a year (and beyond).

‘Til the next party,



Jeffrey: A Beatles Concert!

After doing a handful of children-centered themes, it’s sometimes refreshing to mix in some adult parties once in a while! The client (who also happened to be my friend), Jiselle, wanted to throw an awesome 60th birthday party for her dad, Jeffrey. The theme: Beatles! This was a real fun theme to play around with, so I immediately rolled up my sleeves and dove to the challenge.

There are a number of ways to do a Beatles theme; one is to focus on the band’s more serious, melancholic, and rebellious aspect (think about their songs Imagine, or Revolution), which is not at all bad actually. But since it was me doing it, we did it the Party Magic way: fun, colorful, quirky, cool, and psychedelic! Think of Come Together, or Penny Lane.

Let’s begin with the stage:



Since the client hired a band to play Beatles tunes (the amazing Reo Brothers!), I decided for a production more focused on the concert aspect of the event and one that would complement the band performing in front of the stage. And so the British flag backdrop mixed with Beatles paraphernalia, offset by vertical rows of lights to the left and right.

The whole stage was inspired by a retro look into the performances of The Beatles themselves. Take a look at the concert signage below and the V-shaped stage set-up of an actual performance by the band:



As an accent, we also placed a kiddie drum set (which would be a cute photo-op for the kids!).




Heads up on that fake microphone in the above photo. Isn’t that cute! (obviously the Reo Brother had their own, real mikes to work with!)


The Reo Brothers truly came prepared. Look at that guitar strap with The Beatles insignia!


The table set-up was composed of a chevron patterned runner, with guitars, bottles, and drums on top. The whole point was to produce a mixed, hippie feel to capture the zeitgeist of the times but still produce a coherent overall look.


The ceiling was a mixture of the hippie colors pale yellow, orange, mint green, and light blue. To keep up with the vibe, we placed vinyl records in between each swag.


Let’s move on to my most favorite area in the party: the band room! We went for a vintage, eclectic approach to the design. Isn’t it so easy to imagine John Lennon or Paul McCartney lounging around, listening to records, fiddling with their guitars?



The dessert spread was another masterpiece by Simply Paris. What a psychedelic visual! We decorated the area with over sized paper accordions, keeping with the color scheme. In the middle, we placed the album artwork of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. 


Of course, let’s take a look at the lovely desserts themselves:


This is my favorite: the Yellow Submarine Eclairs. Such creativity!


The ultimate classic: the Macaron!


 Hey Blue-berry Cheesecake (get it? :)


Chocolate Cake Pop


Another cute twist of words: Penny Lane Pistachio Opera!


Let’s close this post with an awesome overlooking shot of the dessert spread. Isn’t that mouthwatering!

‘Til the next party,


Julianne: An Ice Cream Special!

Ever since our baking-themed party, I’ve been itching to create another pastel, food-based themed party, simply because it combines both of my passions: styling and eating!

This party actually started off with the general idea of “candies” and “sweets”, with the client, Kathy, simply asking for a girly, pastel aesthetic. By the end of the meeting, we decided to focus on the more specific element of the ice cream.

Ice cream will always (and forevermore) occupy a special place in everyone’s hearts simply because eating it transports us back to our carefree childhood days. Think chocolate, vanilla, Magnolia, Selecta, Merry Moo, Carmen’s Best (yum)! Whenever my husband eats ice cream, for example, he doesn’t know it but he smiles!

Here is what we came up with for Kathy:

IMG_8197 copy

IMG_8203 copy

Isn’t that so cute and girly? For the stage setup, we recreated a sort of “sweet shop” scene where we have an ice cream cart that carries the birthday cake and a sweets cupboard that holds actual candies!

The more traditional way to display a cake is that a caterer sets up a round table, puts some table covers, and places the cake on top. More recently, I find that one of the best ways to display a birthday cake is to incorporate it within the whole scene that you are creating. In this case, the best place to put the cake was on top of the ice cream cart, and boy did it look extra delish!

Let’s zoom in on the cupboard:

IMG_8187 copy

I love the idea of putting actual treats; in this way, your stage setup looks good, and you (and your guests) can eat it too!

IMG_8196 copy

Above is a snapshot of a graphic we used for the party. Too bad there weren’t any actual ice cream sandwiches at the party, those are my personal favorite!

A more interesting aspect to the party is how the Party Magic team and I dressed up the ceiling. Because the ceiling was a bit low (around 8-9 feet), placing swags would  not make sense as it would interfere with the lighting and make the place seem even smaller. And so instead of the usual pompoms or lanterns, the team and I came up with these ultra-cute ice cream lanterns! Take a look below:

IMG_8121 copy

IMG_8131 copy

These are just actually small-sized pastel colored lanterns, with brown paper cones attached at the bottom. A simple yet ingenious twist to the usual ceiling treatment!

For the photo-op, we created a quaint little scenery filled with an ice cream truck, a divider, and a round table full of sweet delights!

IMG_8207 copy

The centerpiece fell in step with the theme: ice creams and cupcakes!

IMG_8133 copy

IMG_8120 copy

As with the baking party, I was quite ecstatic to be working with Nikki again from Simply Paris! And she truly did another amazing job at the desserts table:

IMG_8163 copy

Let’s begin with my personal favorite: the Sundae Cupcake!!


IMG_8142 copy

I think this was a wonderful twist to the usual cupcake. This particular creation was filled with Madagascar Vanilla Bean Cream, topped with Simply Paris’ signature chocolate sauce, cherry, and wafer stick! Suffice it to say that these were one of the first ones to run out of stock!

IMG_8146 copy

My next favorite is the Meringue Nest. Look at those swirls! Perfectly in step with the theme. Simply Paris’ meringue are famous for its crunchy exterior but chewy insides! Let’s move on to more dessert goodness shall we?

IMG_8145 copy

Ice cream cake pops. These I find to be very well designed and pleasing to the eye. Not only that, it is perfectly edible (and tastes good as well)!

IMG_8160 copy

Ice cream cookies. Trust me when I say this. Those cookies are really really good! Not too sweet, with the just the right amount of icing. I know this because Nikki left an extra piece while baking and I tried it out for myself. Too bad it was just 1 piece, wouldn’t have hurt if there were more!

IMG_8108 copy

And of course, the whole party wouldn’t be complete without Simply Paris‘ signature dish: the Macaron. This time it came in two tones, pastel pink and blue!

The pastries were a runaway success; I decided to drop by the party about an hour after it started and the dessert table was literally raided! People grabbed the desserts even before they started hitting the buffet table. Now that’s the best compliment you can tell a chef!

‘Til the next party!



Ethan: The Ultimate Transformers Bash

Because of the nature of styling, every once in a while it is such a breath of fresh air to do a party that is just good, old-school fun. In this case, that old-school fun is none other than Transformers!

The challenge for this particular party was, how do you use the natural elements of styling (ie, the use of actual props instead of balloons) and translate it into something that is recognizably Transformers? Given that this is a theme that is traditionally executed via balloons and styrofoam backdrops, it was definitely going to take up a lot of brain power!

Here’s how we did it:

IMG_7882 copy

The stage was bordered by a steel pattern, with Bumblebee doing an awesome action pose while standing on a circular lighted pedestal. My favorite here is the treatment on the block letters, which has a very masculine construction vibe to it.

IMG_7855 copy

We stuck with the color scheme of red, blue (for Optimus Prime) and yellow (for Bumblebee) for the ceiling treatment, using swags and lanterns to transform the venue.

IMG_7941 copy

The table centerpieces were decorated with hexagon-patterned runners with these very cool Transformers masks! Here’s one with Optimus Prime.

IMG_7847 copy

Here’s another one with Bumblebee! The masks were extremely cool, as they came equipped with LED lighting near the eyes!

IMG_7889 copy

A major highlight of the party was this amazingly intricate cake done by none other than The Bunny Baker! And guess what, all of the elements on the cake which includes the fearsome dinosaur, the Decepticons, and even Optimus Prime and Bumblebee battling it out on top of the crumbling building, were made from fondant cake! This was a real highlight in the party!

Of course, speaking of cake, the whole party wouldn’t be complete without the delectable creations of Simply Paris!

IMG_7893 copy

IMG_7916 copy

IMG_7896 copy

IMG_7894 copy

IMG_7957 copy

Lastly, this party wouldn’t be complete without of course the actual Transformers dropping by the party and bringing down the house!

IMG_7984 copy

IMG_7986 copy

These mascots are so lifelike, you can literally feel fear oozing out from you as you stare into those blood red eyes of Megatron!

Nikki and I couldn’t help but take a group shot with them though!

IMG_7992 copy

A truly special part of the event was none other than the grand entrance of Ethan. With these Transformers standing in front and ready for welcome, Ethan struts down from the entrance and towards the stage, all decked out in a Bumblebee costume. Check out Ethan in yellow on the stage below!

IMG_8013 copy

A big congratulations to Rommel, Saide, and Ethan for a truly fun filled birthday celebration!

IMG_7929 copy

‘Til the next party,


Dorothy Perkins: A 10th Anniversary Celebration

Every once in a while, corporate clients show up on our doorstep asking for help in their upcoming store launch or PR event. This project was extremely exciting to say the least, because it involves my all-time favorite brand, Dorothy Perkins!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Dorothy Perkins held an ultra posh fashion show at the newly opened The Mega Fashion Hall (or SM Megamall Building D). The DP team required Simply Paris‘ baking wizardry and Party Magic‘s styling in order to recreate an English Tea inspired table setting. The client sent us the following peg to follow:

peg 2

So lovely isn’t it? To accompany this delectable styling, Nikki devised her own suggested menu for Dorothy Perkins:


Below is our own interpretation of the perfect Dorothy Perkins table setting:




This was such a joy to create, that it didn’t feel like work at all! Nikki and I were just doing what we love, which is creating beautiful things.

My favorite styling element hands down is this miniature tree with all those little birds perched on its branches. You can almost hear them chirping!


One of the most important differences between birthday parties and corporate events is of course the purpose of the event. Whereas the whole point of a birthday party is to celebrate the growth and advancement of a child, a corporate event has the more practical aim of creating public relations and brand recognition. I believe that for a brand to flourish, it needs a “soul”, or a story to tell; it’s “brand story”, so to speak. For Dorothy Perkins, the story happens to be set in a quaint afternoon tea lounge in London, sitting down on a comfortable sofa, sipping tea and eating macarons, telling stories to your family or your closest friends. Try to imagine that while taking in this picture:


Isn’t that so relaxing?

To push forward brand recognition, Nikki of Simply Paris created specialized toppers designed with the DP logo:


My favorite dessert treat in the whole bunch though were the Panna Cotta jars. They looked so delicious, too bad I didn’t get the chance to try one of them as we ran out of supply quite quickly!


Of course, let’s not forget the tarts, macarons, and eclairs!




Congratulations to Dorothy Perkins and for 10 years of dressing up the English-chic lady!

‘Til the next party!


Santi: A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Coming off from a balloon decoration background, I have always been a secret fan of colorful and lively children’s parties. This is, in fact, what a party for kids should be: all about fun!

My client specifically requested the theme Cinco de Mayo, the famous celebration in Mexico, and so I began doing some research and studying the theme, and came up with the following mock-up which I was all excited to execute:

stage (1)

One of the most common questions that my clients ask me is, “will the actual stage look as good as the mock-up”? And I always tell them, “What you see is what you get”.

Here’s what I mean:


This was for me, one of the best stage set-ups that Party Magic has executed, because it looks so “tight”, and well put together. It has enough character, elements, colors, depth, balance of design, and dimension. I especially love the paper medallions on top of the brick wall, the bright-red Mexican sombreros, and the pony pinata just waiting to be smashed and explode with candy goodness!


For the ceiling, the Party Magic team and I decided to do something different for a change. We handcrafted various colored papel picados and hung them in lines leading from the back to the stage area in the front. The papel picado is a traditional Mexican handcrafted decor used for various fiestas and celebrations. The picado is usually made out of tissue, but for durability purposes we decided to use crepe paper instead. The whole ceiling decor provided a very festive and lively mood to the venue.

We also employed the papel picado in other elements of the decor, such as the photo-op area:

IMG_7361 copy

For the photo-op area, we used a very special pattern for the papel picado. The perforated pattern inside the picado spelled the name “SANTI”. 

IMG_7408 copy

Again, it’s the little details like this that count!

Here’s another personal favorite of mine: the sombrero-wearing donkey in the centerpiece!

IMG_7317 copy

Isn’t that just CUTE? To keep to the theme and remain authentic, we decorated the tables with multicolored striped runners, Mexican maracas, miniature guitarras, and small blackboards displaying the table number, labeled as “Mesa”.

The dessert table was an absolute DELIGHT as well:

IMG_7427 copy

IMG_7430 copy

IMG_7434 copy

And lastly, remaining in theme, the client ordered cactus as giveaways for her guests:

IMG_7328 copy

I think this is a fabulous idea as it is unique, in theme, and helps teach kids how to be responsible by taking care of a plant or living being.

This is absolutely a fun fun fun party to style! Now, it’s time to say good-bye to Mr. Donkey for now. Can anybody say “Hee-haw”?

IMG_7318 copy

‘Til the next party,



Megumi: Baking Up a Sweet Party

Since I was young, I have always been interested in baking. My sister (Nikki) and I used to invade our mom’s kitchen to bake all sorts of pastries. Nikki’s creations were always greeted with, “Oohs” and “Aahs”, or “this is delicious, Nikki!”, while my own concoctions were accompanied with “maybe you should have left it longer in the oven, dear”.

And so imagine my delight when I finally got a chance to create a Baking-themed party (partnered with Nikki as well)! The client and I went through 2 meetings just to brainstorm for ideas, and she chose the baking theme above all of my other suggestions. This theme was also close to her heart, as she told me that as a child her family used to own and manage a coffee shop, and they would work with commercial bakers for the shop’s pastry offerings.

The trickiest part about this party is all the small, little details that make it extra special. Here’s a snapshot of the stage set-up to show you what I mean:


See what I mean? There are so many small details that this long-view does not give the set-up justice. Let’s zoom in on and take a look at the little details that all the other guests of the party enjoyed so much:





DSC_5432 DSC_5442


I just love how craft-sy and dainty the baking cup garland turned out (see the last photo on top); kudos to the Party Magic team for doing it! As with any other styling gig, handmade crafts will always play an important part in the design.

Dressing up the stage was a monumental task by itself. The team and I had to procure tons of various items such as, rolling pins, cups, pots, pans, tea sets, cutlery, mixers, jars, mannequins, table cloths, sugar, chocolate, cake stands, cook books, and more!

The ceiling decor was matched with all the on-ground props, where we stuck to a light and pastel color theme:


The photo-op set-up, on the other hand, was designed with mixed accordion fans, which were specifically requested by the client:



And speaking of photos, a big big THANK YOU goes to Justin of Delicious Food Photography for the wonderful and tastefully taken photos!

I couldn’t have pulled off this theme though without, of course, Simply Paris‘ (Nikki’s) amazing pastry creations. This is, after all, a baking party. Take a look at what she whipped up below:


DSC_5428\ DSC_5519




The donuts at the last photo right on top were provided by me, by the way. Don’t they look so sumptuous? They’re fake, by the way (still can’t bake even up to now! ;p).

Among all of the decor and wonderfully baked up pastries though, the REAL star of the show was the host of the party itself, Jen Belen. She came to the party in complete costume (see below)! The set-up combined with Jen in a baker’s outfit was so in-theme that all the guests thought that there was going to be a live baking demo on the stage!

jen picture

Jen cooked up a real STORM during the party, that I received a lot of feedback from guests on how funny, entertaining, and full of energy Jen was. This happens ALL THE TIME with the parties that Jen and I share, that I rarely get a compliment for my decor anymore. What a scene stealer! (LOL)

And last but not the least, let’s close this post with good vibes by taking a look at the adorable Megumi and her most loving parents:


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Bash and Ethan: A Vintage Mickey Affair

First of all, I’m sorry if I have not been updating my blog in the past few weeks; just came from a long trip abroad, but I am now back in design mode!

The first party (after the Holy Week vacation) that I would like to share and discuss with you is a very nice twist on an old classic: Vintage Mickey Mouse. My client, Marielle, initially visited the store and informed me that she would like to throw a Mickey Mouse party for her 1 year old as her older son just adores Disneyland and Mickey Mouse. She did however, added the caveat that she definitely did NOT want the whole celebration to be a typical Mickey Mouse party.

This was, at the very least, a most challenging task: how do you revise an age-old classic such as Mickey Mouse into a modern, relevant character that would fit into the whole “styling aesthetic”?

As with most cases, I approached this challenge from a design perspective. I thought about Disneyland and my own experiences traveling there with my daughter, and immediately hit upon the Town Square Theater. Below is my inspiration board -

inspiration 1

 Here’s the stage that the Party Magic team and I came up with:


I just love the way the film negatives that border the left and right of the stage turned out – flowing, as if it were being unrolled by the legend himself, Walt Disney! Also love the circular arch in the shape of the face of Mickey, complete with his ears!

My most favorite part of the party, though, was the graphic design of the Mickey movie posters, which I had to recreate from scratch based on design that I found over the Internet:

IMG_4655 copy


IMG_4801 copy

The entrance and photo-op was also noteworthy; below is my inspiration for the entrance and photo-op area:

inspiration 3

 Now, here’s our version of the entrance and photo-op:

IMG_4626 copyIMG_4757 copyIMG_4772 copyIMG_4636 copyIMG_4793

A most special area within the party venue itself, however, was the dessert spread. And boy, was it truly a feast, both literally and visually. Again, kudos to Chef Nikki of Simply Paris!

IMG_4962 copy

IMG_4865 copy

IMG_4846 copy

Complete with vintage cameras, film reels, Mickey Mouse stuffed toys, the whole dessert area is a whole new story to be told.

My top pastries from Simply Paris:

IMG_4809 copy

Caramel popcorn cupcakes. Sticky caramel sauce was injected inside the cupcake, topped with fluffy buttercream, and finally, covered with caramel popcorn. Just saying that sentence makes my mouth water!

IMG_4813 copy

Mickey Mouse eclairs. White chocolate is my personal favorite. White chocolate in the shape of Mickey Mouse, though, is too irresistible!

IMG_4848 copy

Popcorn shaped cookies. Just love how this was executed. It must have taken quite a bit of effort to shape the cookie into a popcorn, let alone color it like one! And placing it on a stick, inside a popcorn box was also a unique twist!

And lastly, here’s a very happy 1st birthday to our little boy, Ethan!

IMG_4954 copy

‘Til the next party,