My Best Party Theme Idea For Boys and Girls

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  • Party Magic now has a new venture: a singing entertainment act!
  • I am excited to show you my best idea for a boy and girl party theme for 2016 – read on to find out!


Last week saw our yearly Company Party, and it came with a big revelation. Upon much chiding, Luisa, our beloved coordinator/event stylist extraordinaire, took to the microphone and belted out a portion of I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Luisa is quite good. No, correction. She is really good, she could give Beyonce a run for her money. I am seriously considering offering myself as her talent manager (upon proper negotiation of management fees of course!).

Who knew that Party Magic’s talent runs so deep?


Two words:



Even as I write this, my husband is literally jumping up and down his seat. You see, he is one of the millions (and millions) of die-hard male fans whose ultimate wish was to own a real-to-life lightsaber. He is such a fan that, he watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice. The first time, he couldn’t wait for a schedule of mine to free up, so he just watched a last full show, all by his lonesome. Nerd much?


In case anyone was wondering, that creepy dude in the hoodie over there is Emperor Palpatine, or Darth Sidious. See? I’ve been paying attention to my husband’s rantings!

Technically speaking, this theme will be a real pain to execute. Simply because it contains so many memorable elements that are literally large in size and scope. Think about Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, the Death Star, the X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon – all of these elements cannot be done with just the usual craftsy items and techniques. So as said, extremely hard to execute.

Which is why it will be absolutely fun to do.

Actually, we (Party Magic) already did a small mock-up of Star Wars:

Darth Vader

What do you think? I cannot wait to show you what more we have planned for our Star Wars parties!


If you only have one chance to watch a play or musical, you had better watch WICKED. It is my most favorite musical of all time because of its wonderful tunes (Popular, I’m Not That Girl, For Good, The Wizard and I, and of course, Defying Gravity!) PLUS its most unique storyline. Gregory Maguire is a genius for turning the tables on accepted lore and humanizing The Wicked Witch of the West.


Now this has the makings of a great theme. One can go about it in two ways – either as The Wizard of Oz theme with Dorothy in the spotlight, or as a Wicked theme, with all its nuances.

Think about the possibilities. We can make a yellow brick road, Elphaba’s school of magic, the Wizard of Oz’s throne, Emerald City, and many more.

Here’s a snippet of the work we’ve done that is related to this theme:



Once again – if I do get the opportunity to create parties based on these two themes, I will be truly excited to share the photos with you!



Party Magic’s Latest Theme Mash-Up: Rafa’s Camp at Christmas!

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  • Glee’s mash-ups made an indelible mark on our generation.
  • I will show you our own version of a “mash-up” for event styling, in the form of combining two (seemingly) unrelated themes: Forest, and Christmas.
  • I think these mashed-up themes will pave the way for a totally new and evolved way to style events: combining two or three different themes and coming up with something fresh and amazingly stimulating to the eyes.


For those of us who were (or maybe still are) die-hard Glee fans, who could ever forget their mash-up renditions? Here’s one of my favorites:

Let me explain my choice: my husband is a die-hard classic rock fan (Bon Jovi is a perennial top-3 in his Spotify playlist), and sometimes it rubs off! Usher is more in my backyard, though.

What I really like about mash-ups though is the pleasant surprise and wonder upon hearing the merging of two different strains of music, coming together in a surprisingly melodic manner. The more unlikely the two songs being matched, the bigger the surprise when they come together.


When I put up my event styling boutique, Party Magic, a few years back, it began with a purpose: we were going to provide special, customized themes to our clients and make their dreams come to reality. While I believe this path (as opposed to offering “boxed”, pre-arranged themes) is 10x harder (not to mention expensive), I persevered simply because I knew our clients would LOVE to have this type of service.

One other reason I have never mentioned before though:

I get bored easily.

Maybe it’s because of the way my brain is wired, but after a while, I tend to look for a new design, new furniture, new graphic, create new props, and basically anything new to keep the excitement going, even if it is not at all required. Thus here’s the latest manifestation of my deranged chase for the nouveau:

Alessa’s Nutcracker-Ballerina-Christmas Birthday Party:

Alessa's Birthday 40


The latest creation was actually not my brainchild, but Ethel’s, my client. Her main conundrum was her dislike of throwing a literal-looking Christmas-themed party. Can you imagine? That would be too tacky, and most dreadfully predictable (this line is best served in a haughty English accent).

rafa (7)

Oh, the colors! Forest green, copper, chocolate brown, mint green, burnished gold, cream, deep red, with a touch of red-dark green plaid. Green for that camp/forest feel, gold for an ornamental touch, which sometimes translates to an Autumnal hue when combined with the green, and the plaid to make it look “Christmasy”. 

rafa (11)

Rafa looks chill, Indian-sitting while strumming his guitar. I could actually hear the crackling of the fire and the occasional hoot-hoot of the owl. Welcome to Rafa’s Camp! Time to roast some marshmallows while singing, Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Watch out though, for sleeping bears!

rafa (14)

Side note: muchas gracias to the ever-wonderful, Den Llanos Dee of Delightful Little Darlings for these superb shots! Check out her page here. [Read more…]

The Best Christmas Party Theme (for a Girl)

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  • It’s that most wonderful time of the year, again!
  • I will be sharing with you a theme that has never been done before (yes, really!).
  • This is I think the best Christmas-related theme that you can do for your baby girl. Unique, unexpected, but still done in taste.
  • For my next blog post – my favorite (new) themes for 2016!
  • The new year is just around the corner. What do we have in store for Party Magic in 2016?


If somebody out there has somehow invented a time machine, please do drop me a note. Time flies so fast, it felt like I was riding a bullet train passing by November and December!

Here’s my biggest fear in the world: that I would be too busy with all my event styling to slow down and watch my kids grow up. They are getting too big already!

sofie xmas


Now on to business: since the yuletide season has come (and passed), I would be remiss if I did not do a Christmas-related post. This is, after all everyone’s favorite time of the year (including mine!)

I am so excited to share with you a new theme of mine from Party Magic. I labelled the party “Nutcracker-Ballerina” for lack of a better name. If you are done reading this blog post and have seen the photos, you are most definitely welcome to send over suggestions for a better name for this theme!

Alessa's Birthday 6

If anyone there is wondering, the picture above is showing Party Magic‘s entrance set-up (yes, that’s not the stage, yet!). The stage is here:

Alessa's Birthday 31

Alessa's Birthday 23 [Read more…]

How To Throw A Disneyland Party – The Party Magic Way

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I have a huge confession to make.

For the past year, while I’ve been proposing and designing unique birthday party ideas for my clients for Party Magic (the boutique event styling firm I own), there has always been ONE BIG IDEA that’s at the back of my mind, that took hold of my imagination and simply refused to let go.

This idea clamored for my attention, begging itself to be free. And while I proposed parts and portions of this big idea to some of my clients who were throwing Mickey Mouse or Disneyland themed parties, I kind of held back a little.

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been holding out on you.

But don’t get me wrong. I actually did propose this to my clients, but for various reasons it didn’t push through. I think the major ones had to do with the fact that the idea was entirely tedious to execute, involved a large amount of preparation time, and not to mention, large amounts of money (okay fine, money was probably the biggest reason!).


The ever delightful Minnie Mouse greets guests during Party Magic’s Flights of Fantasy Parade

(Special thanks to the amazing Krissy of Little People Photography for these wonderful pictures!)

And so I went ahead and did it myself, for two of the most important people in my life: my daughters, Sofia and Chloe! It just so happened their birthdays were coming up, and what better way to celebrate the 2 biggest reasons of my life by throwing the biggest idea (for now) of Party Magic?

The idea that I’m talking about can be condensed in 5 words, actually:


The rough idea is to recreate the famous HK Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade, right inside your child’s party! (you can watch the original parade here)


The fiery Belle of Beauty and the Beast fame as she enters Party Magic’s Flights of Fantasy Parade 

The first time I went to HK Disneyland and watched the parade, I was thunderstruck. I loved the melody and upbeat tune to the music, and all the spectacle.

You see, I’m an unabashed Disney baby. I grew up on The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and Pocahontas (Beauty and the Beast is my all-time fav). And so, I wanted to let all the guests in the party feel the same feeling of pure happiness that I feel whenever I enter Disneyland.

Now instead of prattling on about the parade, why don’t I just go ahead and show it to you? (barararam, drum roll, please!)


(Special special thanks to the hard work and creativity of Artz of Lemon Three Films. You are a genius!) 

That’s all you needed to see, really. [Read more…]

Inside The NBA at Ramsey’s 1st!

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I am a huge, huge fan of totally unique parties.

As our past clients know, Party Magic (the event styling boutique I manage) is well known for its “no-two-parties-are-alike policy“. In other words, even though we do parties week-in and week-out, every party is special. This isn’t a policy as much as a natural inclination on my part. I just like the whole process of creation and doings for the first time, every time. And besides, things get boring after you repeat them for the nth time!

Once in a while though, a request comes up that literally knocks me out cold! The client, my friend Eleanore, wanted her son Ramsey’s birthday to be patterned after famous TV show Inside The NBA. (Eleanore’s firstborn, Eloise, threw a slumber-themed party at St. Francis right here). She is a true blue NBA fan, and so is her husband!

Here is a sneak peek of the party:


THE BIG IDEA: recreate the studio scene of Inside The NBA

stage peg

Now this was a true mind-blower. After sitting this down with my hubby, though, we managed to come up with a suitable plan of execution.

Here is how it all turned out:



Everything (and I mean, literally everything) was customized for this party. A bonus was that the stage set-up turned out very photogenic!


Instead of the typical block letters (which I honestly am beginning to get tired of), I opted for a stylized Ramsey lettering designed in the cast of the classic NBA logo. So cute right!

DSC_6918 [Read more…]

Mikaela’s Primera Fiesta – A Modern Mexican Fiesta

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Today, I am literally bouncing with excitement, as I’m about to show you what I think is one of the best works Party Magic and I have done recently (if not THE BEST). The title of the party is similarly dramatically phrased as well: Primera Fiesta de Mikaela!

IMG_2431 copy

This type of fiesta is not like any other, not only because of the decor, but also because this was the first time I had a client who is an honest-to-goodness public servant! Mayen, who apparently has some Spanish blood, decided it was quite apt to center her daughter’s 1st birthday celebration around this concept of Mexican fiesta.

Let me show you the stage:

IMG_2421 copy

Isn’t this such a visual feast? Looking at it feels like being hit by a kaleidoscope of colors.

I love this SO MUCH simply because it is NOT the typical definition of a “fiesta party”. In fact, I don’t even think it’s inside anyone’s dictionary. And yet, when you see it, you get it. It’s Mexican. It’s a fiesta. And it’s for a girl. Or, as my husband loves to say, it’s “SOLID!” (pronounced as SOL-leed!).

And the details make you curious, makes you want to peer closer. Shall we?

IMG_2511 copy

Baby donkey (in gold) at 12 o’clock! [Read more…]

Jaime – A Retro Mickey Garage Party (And Why I Will Always Love This Job)

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No matter how many times I’ve been asked to make a Mickey party, I am always bursting with excitement, simply because I always try to create something new, with a twist.

This time my client, Jennifer, had a special request. She wanted to create a party revolving around the concept of Mickey and Transportation, two of the most favorite things of her dear son, Jaime.

The alchemy of these two elements came out this way:



So cute, right!

I LOVE the detailed vintage oil cans off to the side of the service station:


The main idea behind this is to answer the question: if Mickey was a car fanatic, what would he do? Yes, you are probably right: he would probably own a car service station, just like this one!

And Goofy would probably be his partner, with his own station! [Read more…]

Ethan and Caden: A Robotic Rumble!

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After that doozy of a blog post, where I wrote about 22 Awesome Giveaway and Souvenir Ideas For Your Birthday Party (my original plan was to list down 34 ideas, but a few days of researching later I kind of got stuck at 22 and stayed there), I think it’s now time to change gears and do another special feature on a recent party we styled. 

I’m talking about Ethan and Caden’s joint birthday celebration!

The inspiration for the party took off from another of Sygryd Fuentes’ masterfully designed invitation:

caden invite

So cute, fun, and the colors! It was love at first sight.

Below is a first glance of the real thing:


Before I say anything else about the decor though, let me just say one thing: choosing the right photographer will vastly affect how you happy you will be with your party.

The reason for this involves a bit of common sense: after the event, you are only left with one thing, which is memories, and memories are best recorded with photographs.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen clients who were absolutely gushing over Party Magic‘s decor, only to be underwhelmed when the photos came out. In those cases, the pictures stored by the brain were a whole lot better than the ones captured by the photographer.

Which leads me to another point: you should seriously consider getting Den Llanos Dee as your photographer. She is the main culprit for these amazingly taken pictures, and boy do they really shine. It’s one of those cases where I can say that the photographs actually match the real thing (maybe even better)!

To prove my point, here are some of what I’d like to call the “money shots” of Den:

CL_0953 [Read more…]

22 Awesome Giveaway and Souvenir Ideas For Your Birthday Party (with Recommended Suppliers)

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Let’s face it. The main reason everyone goes to kiddie parties nowadays is for the birthday giveaway. It’s that most sought-after moment, when you line up for your chance to greet “Happy Birthday” to the celebrant and claim your pack of goodies. It’s so good, it almost feels like Christmas!

If you are a mommy scouring the internet for giveaways, gifts, or birthday souvenir ideas, this post is a great place to start:

1. Make cute and cuddly plush toys that match your theme, display them creatively for the kids to grab during the party!

IMG_9616 copy

Cute plush fruits and veggies found at Sam’s Barnyard Party!

Recommended supplier:





2. Buy different types of cactus plants, and put them on decorative vases! These can be DIY, or can be sourced from an outside supplier. Perfect for Mexican, Fiesta, or Garden themes!

mr and mrs green

Photo courtesy of: Mr. and Mrs. Green

Recommended suppliers:




Contact: (0917) 9595 464





Contact: (0915) 867 6736


3. Give out premium macarons baked to colors matching your theme, and packaged in chic giveaway boxes! This is great for themes such as Tea Party, London, and Pastel Pretty!


Photo courtesy of: Simply Paris

Recommended supplier:




Contact: Chef Nikki (0917) 857 9177


4. Place fresh fruits in mason jars, label them with ribbons and customized tags! Great for themes such as lemonade, garden, and anything involving fruits. Another good idea: use this for a baking/sweet shop theme, where you can place various ingredients and recipes inside the jar.


Dara’s Sunshine and Lemonade Party Giveaway. Photo courtesy of: Happy Folks Studio

Recommended supplier:

You can grab some Ball mason jars off at True Value hardware store.



5. Order candies in a jar, cover the caps with customized labels!


Customized Candy Giveaways at Eliya’s Ice Cream Party

Recommended supplier:




Contact:  (0920) 964 9076

(*take note though that candies from Made in Candy should be stored carefully at room temperature; the candies get too hard if stored in cold temperature, and will melt if stored in hot temperature!)

6. Give away 8×11″ muslin bags, customized to your child’s name and theme!


Photo courtesy of: Name on Print

Recommended supplier:




Contact: (0917) 817 0419

7. Give away cute, one-of-a-kind cuddly plush creatures! [Read more…]

The Best Birthday Cake Suppliers for 2015

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Given that this blog is all about children’s parties, I thought that it was about time to write a blog post about something essential to the party: the birthday cake, of course!

Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure (and the privilege) to have worked with a number of cake suppliers, bakers, and pastry chefs. And in my humble opinion, these are the best of the best:

1. Tazzy Cakes – this husband and wife dynamic duo is my go-to, when-everything-else-fails baker. What I love about Tazzy Cakes is their extreme attention to detail and the awesome designs that they come up with. What’s even more attractive for me is their reasonable pricing, which when compared to the level of service they offer is totally worth it.

Just take a look at their works below!



Morgan’s beautiful butterfly cake. More photos here

Tip: book them quickly, as their calendar tends to fill up pretty fast!

Tazzy Cakes




Phone: (0917) 801 1479

2. Sugarplum Pastries – a wizard of a baker, Sugarplum Pastries is best known for its dreamy, ruffled and ombre cakes. Pricing is reasonable. This is the perfect supplier if you have a baby girl and a dreamy birthday theme to match. Just take a look at Sugarplum’s work in Julia’s Twinkle Star and Alexa’s Enchanted Garden parties:

a (37)

Julia’s Starry Cake. More details and pictures here. [Read more…]

Eliya: An Ice Cream Bonanza!

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I know it’s been a while since my last blog post! Needless to say, things have been quite hectic for the past few weeks that I’ve barely had time to sit down on the computer and just write my thoughts. Nevertheless, I’m here now, and I’m making it up to you with this amazing party I just did. Check out this latest scoop (pun intended) from Party Magic: Eliya’s Ice Cream Bonanza!


I absolutely LOVE the stage setup. Not too muddled and crowded, but still showing tons of color and playfulness! The venue for the party was Wack Wack Banquet Hall.

I think the brick wall on the right side serves as a pleasant contrast to the patterned pink backdrop on the left side. The first thing you will notice though are those CUTE extra-large ice cream standees! They are just OOZING with chocolate!


Another detail I love are those hanging lighted cupcake liners, draped under the roof of the stage:


This is something very simple, easy to do and you can definitely DIY, yet the effect is spectacular! To do this, simply buy assorted cupcake liners, punch a small hole in each, and insert Christmas lights inside! Tada!

I have to say, though, the main attraction to the stage is the jaw-dropping cake made by the amazing Cat Delro of Tazzy Cakes. Take a look at that!



I mean, how could you beat that cup hanging-in-the-air illusion? I was personally waving my arms in the space around the falling chocolate to see if there wasn’t any string attached! Not too mention. Take a look at all the detailed fruits and cream in the cup!

Judging from the look on Eliya’s face in the picture below, Tazzy Cakes nailed it, once again!


And, a big THANK YOU to the great Happy Folks Studio for these amazing pictures. For inquiries, you can email them here, or check out their portfolio here. [Read more…]

Julia: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

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What I absolutely love about being an event stylist is the fact that I meet with clients at one of the happiest points in their lives: when they have their newborn baby. When you meet with people, there is an energy that you feel at the onset that you perceive through their actions, gestures, and body language. And what these convey to me is an overwhelming love for their child.

I should know, because I have the two prettiest, most lovable, most cherished angels in my life.

And so I feel like I owe it to these new parents to try my best and translate that LOVE they have for their child into something palpable, something beautiful:

a (42)

a (30)

Did I do a good job? ;p

Let’s ask Julia herself:

a (59)

Look at that approving smile! (Did you notice that cute star headband on Julia? Kudos to Mommy Audrey for the super cute outfit!) [Read more…]