Challenge accepted: Santi’s action-packed Ninja Kidz 5th birthday


Anyone can be a ninja kid

So Santi did! 

Ninja Kidz, the popular kids’ TV show on YouTube starring a family of martial artists, imparts to its viewers that anyone can be a ninja kid by developing their talents and embracing challenges, and that’s exactly what Santi wanted to be on his 5th birthday. 

I personally think that the ethos of achievement and aspiration that Ninja Kidz espouse is absolutely perfect for young budding kids. Plus heck, have you seen Santi in a ninja costume?

Our very own cute but feisty ninja kid was in for an interactive and action-packed birthday celebration as Mommy Cheryl came to us with big ideas for pulling off this adventurous theme. 

Our first mission: Transforming the venue 

Now, this one’s a challenge that we’re up for. If your kid’s one of the avid viewers of the show, you’d notice that all four ninja kidz sport colorful costumes in each episode—that’s what we went for when designing the interiors. 

The venue was designed with colorful banderitas and massive balloon garlands, including the Ninja Kidz logo in different colors surrounding the area. We also added some design elements from the show, like the explosive visual effects and chevron-like arrows. 

At Party Magic, we strive for that extra oomph factor and explore the different ways to celebrate and decorate. So, for the ceiling treatment at the entrance, we hung multiple custom-made, 8-ft. wide chandeliers featuring the event name and a cartoon version of our ninja kid, Santi.  

Looks cool, right? That’s a first at Party Magic. 😉

One of my personal favorites is the stage, which we designed to resemble a scene from the show. Just like every episode, the stage’s backdrop was popping with color and action. You can also see some ninjas on both sides to complement our main character, Santi, during photo ops. 😉

We wanted every area of the venue to be as close to the real thing and give Santi a birthday to remember. 

Next: The action 

As we were conceptualizing and making this celebration come to life, I’ve come to realize that party planning and styling are evolving with time. For creatives and event stylists like me, we begin to veer away from the traditional and spice things up with extraordinary ideas, themes, and other party elements. 

Mommy Cheryl wanted the event to be as fun as it can be, so for Santi’s activity area we designed an archery attack section where kids got to duke it out with bows and arrows just like a real-life Ninja Kidz episode! 

There was also a human claw machine where our ninja kidz could put their motor skills to the test. Of course, Santi had the most fun by completing his own mission and holding on to every prize he could get. 😉

And how could we forget the bigger kids? We also set up an arcade for those who enjoy digital games while the little ones were up and about. 

Ninja kidz captured 

As we capture the best and most thrilling moments with Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee, we made sure that every photo op won’t be short of fun and excitement. Santi’s photo op area was designed with a ninja obstacle course backdrop to place our ninja kidz in their element as they smile for the camera. 

Double the fun and celebration 

Daddy Eric’s own birthday was also close to Santi’s, so we treated the event as a double birthday bash! Happy birthay to the ninja kid’s super dad!

It makes my heart full that we’re able to bring smiles to our celebrants’ faces. See, that’s the thing about parties—the magic lies in those quirky little moments brought about by the ambience and the presence of loved ones. 

Truly, Santi’s Ninja Kidz-themed party is one for the books for an event stylist like me. Just like how the Ninja Kidz imparts in all their episodes, we bring out the “ninja kid” in us by accepting unique challenges and developing our skills. And I think I just unleashed mine after organizing Santi’s 5th birthday party. 😉

We’re done with the conventional parties and we’re all about experimenting to up the fun for our celebrants and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

‘Til the next party!



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