Two Wild and Wonderful: Rafa’s 2nd Birthday Bash


A bedazzling safari adventure

Gather your troops and hop on a bedazzling safari adventure with Rafa on his 2nd birthday celebration. 🥳

Birthday parties are all about fun and exploration. They are also the perfect avenue to create moments that celebrants and their families will cherish and remember. 

For Rafa’s 2nd birthday party, Mommy Katrina wanted to immerse guests and her darling celebrant in a luxe safari look and feel to unearth the wonders of the wild. As an event stylist myself, I enjoy working on themes that challenge my creativity, so here’s how it went! 

Not your usual kiddie party

Did you know that safari or animal-themed parties are one of the more commonly requested themes in children’s parties? And this is with good reason: this type of theme lends itself to a lot of the playfulness of animals and the vibrance and diversity of the rainforest (think, Madagascar the movie, or Jumanji). There is also a real reason why animals are attractive to children: I think there’s an inner biological curiosity in discovering and becoming familiar with species other than ourselves.

What I wanted to achieve for Rafa’s party was to create something that was familiar and friendly for children, but at the same time something that had an extra elegance to it.

Putting that into perspective and adding a little glam, you get Rafa’s Luxe Safari Party. It’s a powerful mixture of adventure, elegance, and animal magnificence, making it a day to remember for our celebrant and explorers of all ages at the event.

Let the exploration begin 

The venue was transformed into a nature quest where guests begin exploring the wild by entering a posh tunnel with giant marquee letters displayed out front. 

As a stylist, I do more than just design the venue. I see to it that the theme and overall experience are as realistic and engaging as possible, especially for kids. This also goes hand in hand with my belief that even the smallest details matter. 

I decided to put a spin on the direction markers in the different areas of the event as if they were following a track leading to the main hall, the play area for kids, and the photo booth.  

Focusing on the fancy stuff, the main hall was adorned with artificial vines and balloons as garlands, and giant animal inflatables like elephants, rhinos, giraffes, etc. as if you’re on an actual safari adventure. The golden chandeliers didn’t just light up the place but also fit the interior perfectly as we decorated each one with flowers to add an elegant and sophisticated touch. 

With these interior elements, we were able to transform a blank space into an enchanting rainforest. 😉

Of course, we have Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee to thank for capturing these intricate details at the event! 

Rafa’s center stage 

Isn’t it amazing how kids are fascinated by animals? Indeed, nature has a way of connecting with people, even young minds. 🍃

To create a truly immersive experience, we decorated Rafa’s center stage with all of his favorite animals, making him feel right at home in his own little jungle.

Apart from the entrance, we also put up Rafa’s name in giant marquee letters to add a touch of modern flair to the stage. 

Given that the overall theme was beaming with action, I wanted to strike a balance between elegance and the safari vibe. In this case, the marquee letters were the right touch. Its minimalist structure allowed the celebrant’s name to stand out through the illuminated bulbs without overpowering the other design elements. 

Jungle delight

The cake is one of the best highlights of every party. Rafa’s was a 3-tier cake with nature’s details in gold just to make it a little more extra. ✨

Rafa’s jungle pack

Of course, each little explorer has to have his/her own survival kit! With Rafa as your gracious host, that’s a take-home party kit for you. 

The safari adventure doesn’t stop when the party ends. Instead of traditional loot bags, I thought of recreating a safari survival kit into a memento packed with goodies for kids to enjoy and remember Rafa’s party. 

Rafa’s 2nd birthday was an action-packed adventure not just for the guests, but for an event stylist like me as well. Big thanks again to Mommy Katrina and family for allowing me to work my Party Magic on Rafa’s journey into the wild. 

Now, my quest is complete. Onto the next! 



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