The 7 Best New Birthday Party Themes for 2015


Time flies very fast. While this is true for most people, I find that this is all the more true for the event styling industry. Consider this: in less than 2 years since my company, Party Magic, started styling birthday parties, we have done in excess of a hundred parties. What I’ve realized is that event styling is a very dynamic industry; people’s tastes evolve. So a person choosing a theme for a party in 2014 may not necessarily choose that same theme in 2015.

And so if, for example, you were to hire me as your stylist this year, I would suggest you consider the following themes. These are not entirely new themes, but more of a new twist to an existing conceptA sort of upgraded version!


1. Rock / Pop Star

This theme can be a perfect match for your older child’s birthday party (such as a 7th birthday party), and can be a totally great way to capture your guests’ attention! Take a look at what we created recently under this theme, for Cadence’s 7th birthday:

IMG_4572 copy

IMG_4606 copy

IMG_4697 copy

What’s exciting about this theme

Create scenes from a rock concert, complete with instruments and microphones. Ask your guests to come in their best rock / pop star attire. Best in costume wins a prize. Hand out autographed posters of your child to your guests as part of the giveaway. If he / she is up for it, have your son or daughter perform a song number on stage!

For more pictures, check out my blog post on Cadence’s Rockin’ Concert.

2. Luau Party / Surfing / Beach

This theme draws its roots from the nautical theme, which practically EXPLODED and was very very famous last 2014. I think that people became so enamored with the nautical concept that now in 2015 they are looking for something new. The Surfing / Luau / Beach concept is the perfect theme to express that natural, breezy feel but still remain fresh to the eyes. Check out the recent Luau party we did:




What’s exciting about this theme

The nautical concentrates on punches of reds and navy blues. The Surfing / Luau / Beach concept emits a more relaxed vibe by using lighter colors such as aqua blue, natural wood, off white, light pink.

For more pictures, check out Baby and Breakfast’s featured post on Kaila’s Luau Party.

3. Pirates

This is a great theme for a boy, and something that I wonder why I never see more of. Aesthetically, you can ask your stylist to create a pirate ship, complete with sails and a ship wheel. Wait a minute, we’ve done that already with this really cool pirate party for Liam!

IMG_4182 copy

IMG_4235 copy

IMG_4215 copy

What’s exciting about this theme

Have gold coins spread on the guest tables. Create mini-treasure chests as giveaways. Have a TREASURE HUNT as part of the program! Have everyone wear eye patches and shout, “Ahoy, matey!” Almost everything is exciting about this theme! Besides, pirates are cool. (Jack Sparrow, anyone?)

I’m currently writing a full blog feature on Liam’s Pirate Party, so stay tuned!

4. Butterfly

The perfect dainty theme for your special baby girl. This theme is still fresh to everyone’s eyes, and if done correctly, can create strong visual imagery that creates a lasting impression to your guests. Take a look at our butterfly party for Morgan:

morgan feature image



What’s exciting about this theme

Butterflies are romantic, gentle, and ephemeral, the perfect foundation to create a dreamy setting. Create wonderful imagery by blending craftwork with jeweled adornments and hangings. Mix these elements with fresh florals and you’ll have the perfect dreamland for your daughter.

For more pictures, check out Morgan’s Butterfly Paradise.

5. Native American / Pow Wow

This is probably THE most unique theme for 2015. And rightly so; could you imagine anyone doing a theme like this? But our Party Magic team did it, and we were all so proud of the outcome. Take a look yourself:



Jaykob Phoenix16

What’s exciting about this theme

There are so many materials you can play around with. Think feathers, wood, paper, trees, leaves, fire, leather! Not to mention, dream catchers! 

For more pictures, check out Phoenix’s Native American Party.

6. Sunshine and Lemonade

The theme says it all: sunshine and lemonade! The mood that is being achieved while executing this theme though, is overwhelming happiness. Take a look at the photos of Dara’s party below and smile! 




What’s exciting about this theme

Serve lemonade for drinks. Create a picnic setting as a photo-op, complete with picnic mat, basket, and a picnic table filled with pastries and goodies. Have your stylist put a lemon tree as a prop.

For more pictures, check out Dara: It’s All About Sunshine and Lemonade! 

7. Parisian Market Square

Tired of the usual cliche Parisian theme? Why not level it up a notch further, and do a Parisian Market Square? The party we did for Cesca was just that. In addition to the stage setup, we created FIVE separate booths where people can linger and order various types of food and items: a coffee shop, a patisserie, a souvenir shop, a candy store, and a flower market! Not to mention a cashier where people can check out their goods. More on this exciting new concept of party in a separate post.

Cesca's 7th Birthday-204

Cesca's 7th Birthday-173

Cesca's 7th Birthday-119

What’s exciting about this theme

Treat the whole party as an experience. Once you’re in that mindset, everything can be tweaked to create that perfect experience for your guests. Prepare a budget. Hand out fake bills to children. Have a checkout counter for them to purchase all the goods. The whole experience teaches kids basic budgeting, prioritization, and just plain old fun!



If the above 7 party themes are not enough, here’s some more ideas for you to explore:

Royal Family





British London

UP (the movie)

Teddy Bear

Coney Island


Vintage Market


Treasure Island


Robin Hood

Little Prince

Harry Potter

Starry Starry Night

Enchanted Forest


Mad Scientist



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