Allie’s Kate Spade Party


Today, I am literally jumping with joy. Because I get to share with you this really special party we made:

Now this is not usually me, jumping out and sharing with you this picture all of a sudden with not even an introductory paragraph, but I just couldn’t help it. It’s so cute and happy and beautiful!

If anyone noticed on our social media and this blog, we have been posting more and more pictures of parties we’ve done at this particular venue. See, for example, Ellie’s Gymtastic 7th. For those curious, this expansive space generously filled with daylight is at Santolan Town Plaza (by Rockwell). Send us an email if you’re interested!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the start.

Welcome to Allie’s Kate Spade Party!

Everyone is smiling here in this picture. Allie included!

A big thank you to Delightful Little Darlings for all of these wonderful images!


Do you know the saying, you are what you wear? I think that this is mostly true. I believe that people gravitate towards brands that resonate deeply with them, where they feel a connection through the imagery, personality, and values that the brand conveys. And for the longest time, against all other designer brands, I have been a Kate Spade fan girl.

Our stage for Allie

It makes sense, if you think about it, really. I fell in love with Kate Spade for the same reasons I fell in love with styling children’s parties: with both, I get to live in a world of color, imagination, and happiness. The only difference is that the former accomplishes this using handbags. If I can only tell you how many Kate Spade bags I have stashed in my closet…(I probably won’t be able to tell, because I lost count a long time ago).

Now if you asked me about designer shoes, I would have to say that it’s a tie between Charlotte Olympia and Sophia Webster (hint: they’re like Kate Spade, only for shoes). But I digress!

In good company: Allie with a giant cupcake, an oversized dog, lemon, spade, and a bunny in a hat.

I said “when stars align”, because this time around my client Lindsay is also a fan of Kate Spade, and agreed to do this theme for Allie. And you know what happens when I really really like a theme…As I’ve said before, you gotta love what you do or else you won’t be able to do great work.

Pretty mom and daughter

For the stage, I wanted it to be quintessential Kate Spade, thus the yellow cab, the large dog, the spade, and the checkered black and white flooring:

Allie’s stage contains all the essential Kate Spade

The rabbit and the champagne

Is Allie there smiling, or crying? :)

The photo op though, was another business.

I think the photo-op outstaged the stage. In fact, it looks so good, that I don’t feel guilty about posting the same photo a 2nd time. It’s that good! Salute to the Delightful Little Darlings team too, for capturing the magic. Trust me, it takes a really good photographer to make your event look beautiful.

This is where all the little details just came together into a vision. The streamers falling down from the top, with its rainbow colors framing the whole picture. The neon signage with Allie’s name, the organic arch touched with chrome-pink balloons. The gold foil lettering saying Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You. The large cassette tape, and stereo! The oversized red lips! The inflatable sofa! And let’s not forget that pink camel:

This Allie signage!

These cute lipstick pillows:

Did I already say that this photo op makes for a great photo op?

Allie just chillin’ it

Guests were greeted with this welcome arch as they enter:

I wanted the entrance to make a strong impact to the guests, so I designed the flooring with the greeting:

The dessert area was another place I could really play around with. It was the first time I got to experiment with a “bouquet” of long balloons, this time installed on the ceiling, upside down:

Because Kate Spade is a philosophy more than just a fashion brand, I used a lot of her sayings, such as “Eat Cake for Breakfast” which was perfect for the dessert station. Oh and there’s that signage saying “all in good taste” on top of white ice cream cart.


This is what I love about the Kate Spade aesthetic. It’s fun, quirky, but still elegant and polished. While the colors provide the quirkiness, it’s the gold embellishments that make the brand sophisticated.

Our table centerpiece, coupled with our ceiling decor, was sublime. Not to mention, Lindsay had the good taste of obtaining these gold tiffany chairs which fit perfectly with everything else.

Love it. Without these gold elements, the party would just look too scattered. The gold just glues everything together.

After almost 5 years of styling, I just realized: I perform best when I’m actually having fun. And what a fun party this was!

The happiest of birthdays to our dearest Allie!



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