AuthorMichelle Lao

A Guide to Celebrating Birthdays in the New Normal: Amelia’s Drive-By Party!


BIRTHDAYS ARE MEANT TO CELEBRATED, NO MATTER WHAT So, there’s a global virus spreading around, it’s invisible, and it’s in the air. Oh and people have been stuck at their houses for more than a year. Ever since the pandemic started, parents have had a hard time planning their kid’s party. Worst case scenario, they didn’t celebrate at all. But I think it’s time we put an end to all the doom and gloom. For starters, let’s all agree to stop saying that...

Matty’s Valentine’s Day Themed Dedication


Bigger Is Not Better: Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions about parties is that the bigger they are, the nicer the event. Not true at all. Take for example, Mommy Macy’s absolutely adorable dedication party for Matthias. Mommy Macy was scheduled to do Matty’s dedication, and wanted an intimate gathering with her closest family and friends. And since the date fell close to Valentine’s, well, it made perfect sense to do a Love Day themed party! Our romantic set-up for...

Pio: A Truly Unconventional Dinosaur Party


The Ultimate Trifecta: For every event, there is a hidden formula that defines success. This formula, I think, is quite self-evident, but I think it bears writing down and putting it out there. If you have a pen and paper, write this down now: Right Venue + Right Theme + Right Stylist = The Ultimate Trifecta As mentioned in my previous blog posts, the venue is the environment that allows your theme (which is executed by your stylist) to shine. It is crucial that your theme is apt for your venue...

Stanley Nathan: A Harrods Christmas


THE BEST GIFT YOU CAN EVER GIVE YOUR CHILDREN (and no, it doesn’t come in a box) Late post. Given all the events last Christmas, the overseas relatives coming home, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it has admittedly been a struggle for me to get back at the table and start pounding away at the proverbial typewriter. But now that December has come and gone away, I’m down to a more reflective mood. If time is the most important resource of anyone, I wonder, how well did we...

Eron’s Ultimate Nerf Battlezone


A 7TH BIRTHDAY PARTY LIKE NO OTHER Every party planner and event stylist worth their salt know that they have to be jugglers too. Jugglers in the sense that in every planning stage of a party, a balance must be struck between what the parents want, and what the celebrant wants. And the funny thing about it is, there never really┬áis a balance. For 1 year olds, it’s the parents wishes that come true, while for 7 year olds, quite the opposite happens. And the reason for this is simple: 7...

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