Pio: A Truly Unconventional Dinosaur Party


The Ultimate Trifecta:

For every event, there is a hidden formula that defines success. This formula, I think, is quite self-evident, but I think it bears writing down and putting it out there. If you have a pen and paper, write this down now:

Right Venue + Right Theme + Right Stylist = The Ultimate Trifecta

As mentioned in my previous blog posts, the venue is the environment that allows your theme (which is executed by your stylist) to shine. It is crucial that your theme is apt for your venue. Here’s an extreme example: don’t try to aim for a bright theme (such as a garden or sunshine theme), in a venue with no natural sunlight or windows.

This is also why clients and stylists value venues that are clean, as these are the most malleable and adaptable to different types of themes.

But besides these 3 factors, there is one element that underpins them all:

Right Client

For this specific party I will talk about, I was extremely fortunate to have as a client Mommy Nicole. It takes vision and taste to figure out what type of look will work best with your venue and yet would still be popular with the kids and (of course) your celebrant, and Mommy Nicole truly does have both. She came to me with a her own ideas and together we managed to come up with what I think is a truly extraordinary birthday party.

This is Pio’s Unconventional Dinosaur Party.

All of these wonderful photos were taken by Everyday Sunday Studios. Thank you for sharing!

Photo credit: Everyday Sunday Studios

When The Theme Fits The Venue Perfectly

Mommy Nicole in her email mentioned to me 3 key words describing how she wanted Pio’s party to look like: geometric, minimalist, and Scandinavian. She then sent pegs, plus a photo of the venue, Treehouse Village Marikina:

From this simple, initial email, I instantly knew what she wanted. And secretly inside, I became excited as well because I was already starting to see the possibilities.

For the focal point (the stage), I wanted something light, airy, and nothing to bulky or fixed. So I settled for these minimalist, geometric curved backdrops:

The Party Magic team and I normally go for a straight up rectangular plywood backdrop, but this time around, I wanted something light and free-flowing, thus the curved low rainbow to the right, the half-diamond shape to the left covered in earth-toned stone shapes, and the two curved backdrops in the center.

I had our resident artist paint these curved, abstract shapes onto the main curved backdrop. In the end, I love how the whole stage turned out. It’s kind of like looking at a painting!

The ceiling of the venue was already covered with these small strips of wood that are framed in black; it was all tastefully done. So I complemented it with black colored geometric shapes, garlands of leaves, and string lights:

It’s something simple, yet emphasizes the existing strengths of the venue.

During my ocular visit, I noticed this curious spot as I entered the venue:

And thought that this would make a really nice photo area. When you’re working on a venue with its own character like Treehouse Village Marikina, it’s best to work with the venue and not to put up your own walls (literally and figuratively). So this is what we did:

Just a relaxing Sunday lunch, chilling with your family and friends:

For the dessert area, I wanted to keep with the light, airy theme, so we installed this minimalist house-like framing then put three drop lights:

We then arranged these crawling, leafy garlands to the left and right of the “Sweetivores” backdrop.

For the centerpieces, I was inspired by bonsai gardens, so I wanted to create a miniature garden or forest, then place a toy dinosaur in the middle of it!

And lastly, this is the first thing all the guests saw when entering Pio’s party:

It’s Party Magic‘s signature organic balloon arch, with a T-rex standing guard, greeting all the guests hello!

And that’s a wrap guys. Thank you for reading, and a happy, happy 1st for our dear Pio!



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