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As you all might already know, one of the very important things to first tackle when you’re throwing a party is to nail down a catering service that you’d like to hire. And why is this?

Practically speaking, 90% of your guests will be going to your party for one major reason: to eat. So if you’re going through all the trouble of organizing a birthday party, you might as well make sure your guests leave the premises with their stomachs fulfilled!


When you’ve tasted The Creamery’s Beef Shortplate in Burgundy Wine Sauce, you’ll know what heaven feels like.


Coming from a family of expert eaters, I think that any reasonable person would look for these qualities in their perfect caterer:

  • Serves great food, freshly cooked, in sufficient quantities
  • Well-designed and creative buffet set-up / decor
  • Impeccable service

Now here’s the exciting part. What if I told you that you could have all of the above things, and not only that, but at a reasonable price? Drum roll please…

Enter The Creamery Catering. (so much for the dramatic entrance, The Creamery was already mentioned in the title!)

The Creamery is headed by gourmand extraordinaire Michelle Chang-Co, who is ultra-nice and sweet as pie. Although the Creamery has been in the catering service industry for the past 4 years, Michelle herself has been in the food industry since 1999 (read: that’s 17 years!), so you know you’re not dealing with any newbie caterer here.


Here’s the thing. While most of the catering industry is filled with the typical caterers that offer typical menu and food,

The Creamery stands out with its creative menu offering and fresh and well-cooked dishes, all offered at very reasonable prices.

How reasonable, you ask?

The Creamery offers package rates ranging from P295 / head to P800 / head. (scroll down to the bottom of this post to download their rates)

But price is beside the point (it is the least important point in my view). The real point is that for these prices, you are getting this type of food:


Baked Salmon in Garlic Cream Sauce with Glazed Garden Vegetables

(I have personally tried this and the salmon was fresh and cooked just right)


Grilled Rosemary Chicken


Baked Parmesan Fish in Basil Cream Sauce


Cerveza Negra Braised Beef Shortribs with Soured Cream

To me, it’s pretty much amazing how in such a crowded industry like catering, The Creamery simply stands out. A well-run operation like The Creamery is a sign that there is a talented, conscientious owner pulling the strings behind the scenes.


Here are a few things that I like about The Creamery:

  • Themed buffet table and centerpieces that you don’t have to pay EXTRA for. This is a point that is often overlooked and underappreciated by those not working in the events industry. Stylists do not like to style buffet tables (for practical reasons), so some caterers offer styling services at considerable additional cost. The Creamery does not. For more elaborate themes though, The Creamery does charge a small nominal amount that represents transportation and handling fee.
  • Professional, prompt, easy to talk to. This is one of the first things I look at when I book a supplier. Is the supplier reasonable? Are they aware of your needs and tries to fulfill them? Believe me, there is nothing worse than an unreliable, unreachable, and late (!) supplier.
  • Good quality, freshly pressed, and wide assortment of table linens. The Creamery is a stylist’s dream, as Michelle Chang-Co seems to always read my mind in terms of my needs, more specifically: having a lot of choices for table linens. Not only that, these linens are in great quality, clean, and come to the event freshly pressed.
  • Has dedicated, courteous, and service-oriented management. I think that over the course of the years, everyone’s expectations of the level of service you get from typical caterers gets lower and lower. You would be pleasantly surprised that The Creamery is not like the typical caterer.
  • Provides a creative menu and is continually adding to it further. Resting on their laurels is simply not enough. I see that that The Creamery is on a constant cycle of innovation to offer new and exciting dishes to its customers.


The Creamery offers well-designed buffet spreads as well (for free)


The Creamery’s “garden” set-up


Out of my own experience eating The Creamery’s food, here are some of their food that I would suggest you consider:

Savory Pork Sisig in Crispy Wonton Triangles. If you can only order one dish from The Creamery, you must order this. The wonton is delightfully thin and crispy, and best of all, the sisig filling is deliciously cooked. 5 stars.


The Creamery’s Trump Card: Savory Pork Sisig in Crispy Wonton Triangles

The Creamery Spaghetti. There’s a reason why Michelle Chang-Co named this spaghetti after her company. Because it’s one of her signature dishes, and it certainly lives up to its name! The Creamery Spaghetti is tastefully done: sweet but not too sweet, with just a hint of sourness to fill your senses.

Baked Salmon in Garlic Cream Sauce and Glazed Garden Vegetables. More often than not, caterers do not get this right. They usually cook the salmon meat too much, or too little. But The Creamery’s version of the baked salmon is cooked just right, the garlic cream sauce mixed perfectly.

Signature Korean Style Beef Stew. The meat is pleasantly tender, the sauce generous. Perfect for meat lovers!



The Creamery Menu and Rate Sheet (15293 downloads )





Phone number: (632) 687 4373, (623) 687 3634, (63) 917 880 0203, (63) 922 867 2489

Also check out:



If you are looking at a caterer that offers something new and fresh, a well-cooked and creative menu offering, great service, all presented in a well-styled buffet and table set-up, PLUS at a reasonable price, then look no further. This is the reason The Creamery is and will remain to be one of my top choice caterers in Manila.



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