Courtside Seats at Stephen’s NBA All-Star Party!



I’ve seen it countless times – that twinkle in the father’s eye when he knows, aha! this is my moment now. I’m talking about planning the birthday party of his son, of course. Naturally, when a couple has a boy, there is some sort of strange, silent understanding that goes between a husband and wife, kind of like a passing of the baton. Suddenly, it’s the husband who’s more engaged, who asks the questions and lists down the details during our client meetings!

What’s all the rage right now with boy parties? Three letters: N.B.A.

One image:


The view: ringside seats at Stephen’s NBA party. (take a look at the cheerleaders in front!)

If you think you’ve seen how Party Magic does NBA parties (take a look at, for example, Ramsey’s Inside the NBA birthday party), well kiddo, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Remember when I mentioned my own philosophy of trying to beat myself in every party we make (read What I’ve Learned As A Stylist In The Past 5 Years)? Well, I’m proud to say that on this occasion, I rose and accomplished just that.

One thing to note is the sheer scale of what the Party Magic team had to contend with. The ceiling view you are looking at, and the venue itself, is no ordinary clubhouse. It is actually the Ronac Art Center Basketball Court. And I’m telling you, the pictures do not help you appreciate how huge the venue and the ceiling is.

And in order to fill up that ceiling, we’ve had to literally go big with our props. Props such as:


A large “digital” scoreboard. (Complete with our sponsors!)


Specially made extra large basketball balloons!


Extra-large lanterns, white swags, flaglets of various NBA teams, bunting flags, and did I mention those huge-ass basketball balloons? (I’m so proud of those)

Wait, there’s more.

When the guests enter, they are greeted with this sight:


Isn’t that bad-ass? My husband’s a rocker, so all this scene lacks is AC/DC’s Back in Black track in full volume!

Welcome to Stephen’s NBA party!

The stage is actually my 2nd favorite element (after the ceiling):


We remodeled our NBA set and did some adjustments to the lighting and overall color-scheme, and I love how it all turned out. Striking red, blue, and white bordered by solid black. It’s also important to note that this set (just like the other elements of this party) is extra-large as well (around 24-26 feet wide and 10-12 feet tall).

Below is a more intimate view of the set:


The photo-op is a true sight:


We placed a small basketball court off to the left, a jersey wall in the middle, and a locker filled with “Stephen’s Collections”, such as his basketball shoes of course! All 3 major shoe brands had to be represented:


Nike Air Jordans on a 1-year old? Too cute!


Adidas baby shoes with some type of flame design


And Underarmour Steph Currys (I’m assuming that’s what the “SC” initials are for).

Our dessert station is similarly jam-packed:






The happiest of birthdays to the youngest member of the team, Stephen Thomas!




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