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Today, I am so excited to share with you a party we styled some time ago:

Kyle's 1st Birthday_23

Kyle’s Peanuts Party. Images taken by Cradles by Anne Naig!

Welcome to Kyle’s 1st street fair, along with his pals Charlie Brown, Lucy, Shroeder, Linus, Woodstock, Snoopy, and Sally Brown!

One of the reasons why I love this theme is that it’s close to me personally: I grew up reading Peanuts comics and identifying with Charlie Brown, that nervous, “lovable loser” who fails, but eventually stands up to win the day. To me, he is that perfect archetype of the imperfect person within all of us, and of our constant will to get up and improve ourselves every day.

Now the best thing about event styling is that literally anything is possible. The only limitations are your imagination and your will to execute your vision. For example, at Party Magic, we’ve done over hundreds of parties, and not one of them are alike with any other.

So you might ask, what is possible? Well here’s Party Magic’s lineup of themes for the next few months:


RIVERDALE (Archie Comics)

SPRINGFIELD (The Simpsons)

Pair these 3 upcoming parties with Kyle’s Peanuts Party, PLUS with Alex’s Calvin and Hobbes Party, and I think we’ve pretty much covered all the great 90’s cartoon comics / television shows. Oh, except for The Jetsons! Any takers out there? :p

We live in exciting times!


Since Steph my client wanted something more bright, we decided to focus on the concept of having the Peanuts gang do their first market fair during the summer, while the sun is out and the weather amiable. It’s also a perfect day for kite flying!

Kyle's 1st Birthday_16

Kyle's 1st Birthday_15

Here’s our birthday boy Kyle, enjoying his day out in the sun:

additional (1)

Sooo adorable!

In between all the kites and clouds, I also placed hot air balloons with the trademark Charlie Brown stripes!

Kyle's 1st Birthday_27

At the fair, typical Lucy mans her Psychiatric Help Booth, waiting for her patients:

Kyle's 1st Birthday_35

This booth is so iconic of Lucy; it’s a parody of the classic lemonade stand done by American children:

psychiatric help booth

What’s so funny is that Lucy dispenses useless advice to Charlie every time!lucy psy 3

Linus in the meantime, is busy at his Pumpkin Pie Booth. There’s some significance here, given that Linus is a devout believer of The Great Pumpkin (this time around, it’s Charles Schulz parodying the idea of Santa Claus)!

Kyle's 1st Birthday_33


And while everyone is busy at their booths, Charlie Brown is just enjoying his day:

Kyle's 1st Birthday_34

What I like about this party is that I get the excuse to plug in these Schulz-isms:

Kyle's 1st Birthday_21

It makes for a non-boring, non-shallow party.

The photo area in the meantime shows Charlie with his shoulders on a brickwall, pining away for the Little Red-Haired Girl:

Kyle's 1st Birthday_98

Will she ever come? ….sigh.

The bench in front of the brick wall provides a great seating area for guests while they get a photo taken of themselves!

additional (2)

Kyle and his doting parents!

All over the photo area, we hung these cute photos of Kyle!

Kyle's 1st Birthday_99

While Charlie is staring off in the distance, Snoopy is busy with his make-believe war story:

Kyle's 1st Birthday_75

Oh, and guests get to write greetings / warm wishes to Kyle, and place them inside this mailbox!

Kyle's 1st Birthday_76

The desserts and cake were happily made by Jaemee Ang:

Kyle's 1st Birthday_96

Look how CUTE these cake pops are!

Kyle's 1st Birthday_94

Kyle's 1st Birthday_93

Kyle's 1st Birthday_87

The cake was a real delight, topped off by that trademark look: Snoopy and Woodstock lying on top of that striped doghouse:

Kyle's 1st Birthday_65

Kyle's 1st Birthday_67

The happiest of birthdays to our dear boy Kyle!

Kyle's 1st Birthday_32a Love,


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