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For any of you who have watched anything Disney in the past few years (practically everyone I suppose!), you might have come across these cute, little critters Disney calls “Tsum Tsum”. It’s basically all the famous Disney characters, magically transformed into these squat, circular, and elongated pieces of stuffed toys:

tsum tsum1

“Tsum Tsum” is derived from the Japanese word tsumu, which means “to stack”. This stacking feature is the central characteristic of the Tsum Tsum characters, thus their elongated shapes.

Well, for today’s blog post, I am happy to unveil Party Magic’s very first Tsum Tsum party, celebrating Jack Jack’s first birthday!


Party Magic’s first ever Tsum Tsum party


The thing I love about my job is that I get to create things that I love, week in week out. It’s no different for Jack Jack’s Tsum Tsum party. In fact, this party is even more special for me, as both my daughters love Tsum Tsum!

And its also special for Jaja, my client and Jack Jack’s mom, since her father-in-law fell in love with Tsum Tsum while playing the game Line: Disney Tsum Tsum!

And whenever I am in love, I just can’t help but over-deliver to my clients, sometimes (much to the shock of my husband), to the point that we go way over our budget…

IMG_9314 copy

A large 3D Dale (from Chip and Dale) Tsum Tsum!

For example, I kind of went overboard and made a total of 20 Tsum Tsum characters, some of them in 3D. There’s that cute 3D Dale (from Chip and Dale) in the above photo. We had to squeeze in most of them on the stage:

IMG_9321 copy

While we moved the rest in the photo-op:

IMG_9335 copy

An Olaf Tsum Tsum in the middle of Jack Jack’s carnival tent!

IMG_9336 copy

Take a look at that Doctor Strange Tsum Tsum movie poster. Isn’t he adorable!

And the entrance:

IMG_9353 copy

Passion and excitement is that rare magic that fuels creative work. Fortunately in this case, the Party Magic team and I had some of that magic with plenty to spare! Below is our ceiling treatment:

unnamed (5) copy

Since Jaja and I decided on a Tsum Tsum theme with a carnival twist, I thought it would be fun to include these hanging Tsum Tsums in the middle of a hula hoop “on fire”:

IMG_9360 copy

Stitch going through the hoops in Jack Jack’s Tsum Tsum Carnival!


Dale looks sanguine considering he’s in the middle of a ring on fire!

IMG_9371 copy

And of course, what kind of Disney party would it be without Mickey!


No Tsum Tsum party would be complete without actual Tsum Tsum stuffed toys. This is what I placed on each adult table in the party:

IMG_9325 copy

These little fellows were so cute they were just begging to be taken by the guests. Not a single Tsum Tsum was left on the table by the end of the party!

unnamed (1) copy

What Tsum Tsum party would be complete without Tsum Tsum stuffed toys?

I patterned Jack Jack’s dessert area after a vintage candy store, kind of like the storefronts you would see in Hong Kong Disneyland’s main street:

IMG_9330 copy

Check out the Tsum Tsum Woody off to the left side of the dessert station!


If you noticed, except for the stage, red was the dominant color for the on-the-ground backdrops. I just love how this color brought out a lively and festive feel to the whole event. Red, when used properly can provide a strong punch of color to the eyes of your guests. No wonder it’s the favorite color of the Chinese!

The happiest of birthdays to dear Jack Jack!




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