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Continuing on with my blog post series on themes and their importance in a party, here’s one that I’m sure you won’t expect:

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One of a kind? JC’s Greek-inspired party.

Photos by the amazing Delightful Little Darlings team!

This time around, I am so grateful to both my friends Bev (mommy of JC), and Den Llanos-Dee (yes, you know her, the photographer), who conceptualized this amazing theme! Somehow, they knew that this one would turn out to be an extraordinary event.

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Here’s one of my favorite photos. JC and mommy Bev, dressed in impeccable tunics, greet guests as they enter a scene straight from Santorini. Clean, crisp, and filled with natural wood, greenery, and that unmistakable Greek Blue (or Indigo, to be accurate). Welcome!

In the photo below, big brother JJ looks on inside the party. A future Roman Emperor!

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Oftentimes, it’s the little details that matter. Mommy Bev really went “all out” with these bronze Tiffany chairs! I love how they blended in with the rest of the Santorini decor.


Picking a unique theme isn’t a simple matter. Actually, the picking part is the easiest. Next, you would actually have to sort out the details. For example, a “Greek” theme is too broad and may mean many things. JC’s party could have just as likely ended up focusing on Greek iconic structures such as the Parthenon:


Can you imagine a party showcasing Greek buildings? That’s not a party, it’s a museum tour (cue yawn).

Or perhaps on a more PG-13 version, the party could have focused on Spartans and their warrior culture. Have you watched the movie 300? Yep. Picture JC, instead of wearing a very statesmanly white tunic with gold sash, he’s wearing a red cape, leather briefs, and…that’s about it.


JC the Spartan?

This is where vision and execution matter. During our meeting, Bev and Den steered the concept in the right direction, and opted for a Greek party that has a more Santorini aesthetic, with blues, whites, and greens all over.

Then they threw in that special element that gave the party more character: Philosophy!

If you think about it, besides giving us great architecture and Spartan warriors, the Greeks also gifted us with philosophy, or the discipline of thinking. Just do a simple google search for “famous Greeks” and you’ll know what I mean, as practically all the Greeks we know are philosophers!

So we decided to put up these famous quotes from all these great thinkers:

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And here’s my personal favorite from Marcus Aurelius, the famous stoic:

quote 4

The papyrus design on this quotation melded well with the rest of the ceiling work, which was meant to portray a brightly clouded Greek summer day:

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My own touch can be seen in the stage, where I thought it would be a great way to showcase something more culturally relevant. I’m talking about Mamma Mia of course and the iconic Villa Donna!

mamma mia

I drew inspiration from this scene and recreated a similar-looking archway for JC’s party:

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Look at that fondant version of JC! Masterfully made by Sugarplum Pastries.


For the photo-op, I built up a more recreational or relaxed scene, something that you would expect to see in a Greek orchard or vineyard: 

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JC seems to like it!

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At the far right of the photo-op, Mommy Bev thought that it would be great to have videos of JJ and JC growing up are being played on a loop. Lovely touch!

I also thought that it would look nice to have centerpieces that are more focused on greens, with a sort of “wild” arrangement. A leafy garland stretches at the center of the table. Oh and if you look closely, behind the lantern there’s a miniature Greek column that I custom-made as part of the centerpiece!

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Florals add that “softer” look for any event, and these baby’s breath are no exception:

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If you asked me which part of the party I liked the most though, you’d be surprised, because I would answer this:

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You can practically imagine Aphrodite lounging around, eating grapes and sampling some delicacy here and there!

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Art Buchwald nailed it when he said,

The best things in life aren’t things.

The happiest of birthdays to our dearest JC!

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