Jeffrey: A Beatles Concert!


After doing a handful of children-centered themes, it’s sometimes refreshing to mix in some adult parties once in a while! The client (who also happened to be my friend), Jiselle, wanted to throw an awesome 60th birthday party for her dad, Jeffrey. The theme: Beatles! This was a real fun theme to play around with, so I immediately rolled up my sleeves and dove to the challenge.

There are a number of ways to do a Beatles theme; one is to focus on the band’s more serious, melancholic, and rebellious aspect (think about their songs Imagine, or Revolution), which is not at all bad actually. But since it was me doing it, we did it the Party Magic way: fun, colorful, quirky, cool, and psychedelic! Think of Come Together, or Penny Lane.

Let’s begin with the stage:



Since the client hired a band to play Beatles tunes (the amazing Reo Brothers!), I decided for a production more focused on the concert aspect of the event and one that would complement the band performing in front of the stage. And so the British flag backdrop mixed with Beatles paraphernalia, offset by vertical rows of lights to the left and right.

The whole stage was inspired by a retro look into the performances of The Beatles themselves. Take a look at the concert signage below and the V-shaped stage set-up of an actual performance by the band:



As an accent, we also placed a kiddie drum set (which would be a cute photo-op for the kids!).




Heads up on that fake microphone in the above photo. Isn’t that cute! (obviously the Reo Brother had their own, real mikes to work with!)


The Reo Brothers truly came prepared. Look at that guitar strap with The Beatles insignia!


The table set-up was composed of a chevron patterned runner, with guitars, bottles, and drums on top. The whole point was to produce a mixed, hippie feel to capture the zeitgeist of the times but still produce a coherent overall look.


The ceiling was a mixture of the hippie colors pale yellow, orange, mint green, and light blue. To keep up with the vibe, we placed vinyl records in between each swag.


Let’s move on to my most favorite area in the party: the band room! We went for a vintage, eclectic approach to the design. Isn’t it so easy to imagine John Lennon or Paul McCartney lounging around, listening to records, fiddling with their guitars?



The dessert spread was another masterpiece by Simply Paris. What a psychedelic visual! We decorated the area with over sized paper accordions, keeping with the color scheme. In the middle, we placed the album artwork of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. 


Of course, let’s take a look at the lovely desserts themselves:


This is my favorite: the Yellow Submarine Eclairs. Such creativity!


The ultimate classic: the Macaron!


 Hey Blue-berry Cheesecake (get it? :)


Chocolate Cake Pop


Another cute twist of words: Penny Lane Pistachio Opera!


Let’s close this post with an awesome overlooking shot of the dessert spread. Isn’t that mouthwatering!

‘Til the next party,


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