Joaquin’s Little Rascal Riot!


When Jemelle, the client, uttered the words, “Little Rascals”, I was instantly thrilled. I mean, who could ever forget that famous letter of Alfalfa, written to Darla?

dear darla

I wasn’t even 10 years old when Little Rascals went onscreen, so imagine the impression this scene left on me regarding boys! Needless to say, styling this party was a fun ride, and I hope Jemelle and her family enjoyed the experience!

But before we head on to all that talk about styling and decor, let me show you my own version of the “Darla Letter”:

Joaquin First Birthday-53

Isn’t that adorable! Now, on to my favorite scene:

Joaquin First Birthday-389

Joaquin is riding our own version of “The Blur”, and from the look on his face, he is loving it! Can I say that our party was a smashing success? The main celebrant’s stamp of approval is, after all, the most important!

Little J Photography did an awesome job capturing this special moment, and deserves credit for all these amazing photos. Kudos!

Now, let’s move on to the mood setter:

Joaquin First Birthday-1

Joaquin First Birthday-21

Lately, I’ve been on addicted to tassels. I feel that they are a great way to dress ceilings: tassels are light, creates long lines of color, and the possible combinations of cloth, pattern, and color are almost infinite! In the case of this party, the Party Magic team and I opted for cream, red, and red checkered tassels!

Joaquin First Birthday-95

Joaquin First Birthday-48

The stage is equally delightful: on the left side, we have the woman-haters club cabin; on the right, we have a fruit stand accompanied by a lemon tree!

Joaquin First Birthday-91

Joaquin First Birthday-45

Joaquin First Birthday-18

The photo-op area is one of the most famous during the event, simply because of “The Blur”! What can I say, all boys love cars, especially red race cars!

Joaquin First Birthday-51

Joaquin First Birthday-59

Joaquin First Birthday-73

The centerpiece design was focused on one of the most iconic elements of American childhood: the treehouse!

Joaquin First Birthday-52

Joaquin First Birthday-76

The dessert area remains consistent with our opted for rustic, wood-filled scene:

Joaquin First Birthday-192

Joaquin First Birthday-176

Popcorn cupcakes? Who can ever think of that, except Simply Paris!

Joaquin First Birthday-168

Joaquin First Birthday-159

Joaquin First Birthday-154

Joaquin First Birthday-189

Joaquin First Birthday-178

A most happy celebration to Joaquin and her loving parents, Gian and Jemelle!

Joaquin First Birthday-206

‘Til the next party,


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