Liam’s Monsterrific Party! [Special Offer $1.99 Monster Party Graphics Set]


In one of my other posts, I discussed 5 themes that are truly unique and up-to-date (see Top 5 Unique Birthday Party Themes). One of the themes mentioned there is my all-time favorite one, Liam’s Monster Bash (just that title already gives me the goosebumps!), which Party Magic did some time last year.

What’s important to realize about any Monster-themed party is that there really is no one exact template or aesthetic that governs this theme. So when you say “Monster party”, it could mean anything from little monsters, monster high, kiddie monsters, and any other combination or version that you can think of. Again, the possibilities are endless, and you are only limited by your own imagination!

For our client, I decided to create and design my own special set of cute cuddly and gooey monsters, or more exactly, 6 of them:

product image

Which one is your favorite?

Because I am my own graphic designer, I have the good fortune of being able to use this little gang of monsters in any way that I liked. More specifically, I used it for the stage set-up:

IMG_2963 copy


IMG_2964 copy

 Aren’t they all cute? Again, you do not have to be limited with just the stage. You can incorporate these critters in your invitation, on your table centerpiece, or even on your dessert table!

IMG_2972 copy

My personal favorite is that fat blue one waving from behind that orange cabinet door! Hi!!

Now, I would like to personally share these 6 of my monstrous friends with all you DIY moms out there. If you are on a budget, and would like some professionally designed monster characters, you can get these critters for just $1.99 (or around P80-P90 only!). Just go to my online shop, and look for the Ultimate Monsters Printable Jet Pack.

A happy happy birthday to Liam, and Liam’s wonderful family!

IMG_3314 copy

‘Til the next party!


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  • Super like ko po ang super ‘party magic’,kaya po yung mga friends ko hinikayat ko na maganda ang party magic tanx po.,super like ko talaga ang mga theme nyo.,like gavin.tanx

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