Manolo Gustav’s Guy Diamond Glitter Party!



“Why don’t you do weddings?”

This is possibly the question I get asked of most often by my clients. If I only had a penny for every time…

To me, the answer has always been simple:

LOVE doing kiddie parties. If I did weddings, that would mean I would have less time to do children’s events.

Less time = less happy

If you love your work, then it won’t feel like work. To me, I just enjoy a theme coming to life, and most definitely, seeing all the happy faces of the little ones as they live the moment.

Moments like this:


Memory captured by Cocoon Studio.

THANK YOU Dar for these amazing images, and Pat Infante for keeping everyone happy at the Fifi & Co playdate!

This was one of the many special moments during a one-of-a-kind event that Party Magic organized. More on this in a separate blog post!

Speaking of happy faces, I’m here to talk about one of my all-time favorite themes to work with: Trolls!


Welcome to Manolo’s Troll-themed Party. Let’s partehh!

A big THANK YOU to Harry Lim for ALL of the pictures!

If you think about it, Trolls has all the right elements for the perfect birthday theme: zany characters, a colorful setting (Troll Town), and most importantly, a record-smashing soundtrack!

But I think the real reason Trolls was such a hit (especially with the kids) was because it captured the essence of children: pure joy and wonder at the world, unbridled love and affection, free from any sort of guile that tends to creep in as people become older. Children saw themselves mirrored as they watched Poppy belt her heart out in song, or Biggie care lovingly for his toy Mr. Dinkles.

In other words,

Trolls = Children

Okayyy that’s enough math for one day ;p

Now, let’s step into Manolo’s fantastic Trolls party:


(Literally) inseparable twins Satin and Chenille greets all the guests as they come in


Stylized Manolo lettering at the entrance. Try to find Guy Diamond in this picture!


I like the idea of using Guy Diamond as the focal point for Manolo’s event. For starters, if you have a boy, you obviously can’t use Poppy as the protagonist.

So that leaves Branch, who is, to be honest, quite dull (which is okay because that’s how the writers designed his character in the first place).

Out of the secondary characters, I always thought that Guy Diamond was the most fun. And besides, he poops glitter! (this point should actually end all arguments!)


So that’s why I designed Manolo’s photo-op this way:



Lots of glitter, bling-bling, lights, streamers, and fur. Good times indeed!

If you noticed, Guy Diamond has three holes in his hair. That’s for the guests to stand at the back and put their heads in!

Speaking of fur, this is what I am really proud of with the work we do in Party Magic. It’s not enough to bring in the big things, I actually believe that it’s the little details that gives a party that magical feeling. Details like the hair on each of our troll figures, for example. We used actual fur, and the effect (especially in person) was truly awesome!


In addition to Poppy and Branch, those weird creatures in the Troll forest got their own hair too:


And lastly: even the host himself, the great Erney Arcilla, was no exception to this latest fashion trend!


The cake wonderfully crafted as well:



This is why I will always do kiddie parties: where else can you get to create beautiful moments, for the most beautiful creatures in the planet, and get to be happy?

The happiest of birthdays to our dear Manolo!




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