Philipp Linus The Intergalactic Peacekeeper: A Star Trek Voyage



After about 4 years of event styling and literally hundreds of parties (we are about several parties shy of 400), one would think that the Party Magic team and I are finding our jobs easier.

The truth:

It’s actually getting harder.

Why so?

I think it all has to do with humanity’s endless fascination with the new and the different. Even after years and piles of various themes under my belt, my clients never fail to surprise me with the originality of their ideas.

In other words,

My clients’ imaginations run faster than my ability to get used to their ideas. 

In a sense, William Shatner perfectly captured Party Magic’s ultimate mission when he said,

“To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”

How better to describe our aim when we seek to transform venues and events?

Which leads me perfectly to today’s discussion of a recent party I styled, the very uniquely entitled, Philipp Linus: The Intergalactic Peacekeeper!

DelightfulLittleDarlings_14a PhillipLinusatOne_0449_PartyMagic

Party Magic’s first ever Star Trek party


At Party Magic, our aim is simple, but definitely not easy.

We want the guests to feel as if they were magically transported to a different realm when they enter our parties.

For a Star Trek party, I knew I had to step things up a notch. And what better way to make that first impression by creating your own solar system on the ceiling?

DelightfulLittleDarlings_12a PhillipLinusatOne_0672_PartyMagic

Welcome to the Linus A Star Cluster, found under the roof of Decagon at Silver City ;p

DelightfulLittleDarlings_16a PhillipLinusatOne_0415_PartyMagic

View from up top at Linus’ birthday: a truly astronomical sight

DelightfulLittleDarlings_11a PhillipLinusatOne_1101_PartyMagic

Welcome to the bridge of the USS Enterprise

Sab, my client, came to me with the very strong idea that she wanted Star Trek for her theme. The reasons for the choice are not at all aesthetic (ie, a space party would look awesome, etc) but rather runs more deeply. Before her current job, Sab worked as a humanitarian doing peacekeeping efforts around the world. So you would imagine her fascination with Star Trek and the show’s undercurrents of:

  • the pull of the unknown and exploration
  • cultural and racial inclusion of all types of people / species
  • technology and how man has progressed with the Scientific Method

These are the things that matter to me personally: what does a theme stand for? What emotions should a styled party evoke?

Take, for example, this winning shot captured perfectly by Den Llanos Dee of Delightful Little Darlings

DelightfulLittleDarlings_19b PhillipLinusatOne_0430_PartyMagic

Some might see this shot differently, but for me it captures Earth as our beautiful home, and how solitary we (currently) are in the space of the vast universe. But who knows what the future will bring?

It might bring us aliens, for example!

DelightfulLittleDarlings_20 PhillipLinusatOne_0898_PartyMagic

Kudos to Make Believe Productions for a job well done with entertainment (and makeup)!

Any Star Trek party would be incomplete without the transporter though:

DelightfulLittleDarlings_15b PhillipLinusatOne_0486_PartyMagic

Here’s a shot of Linus’s adorable space suit:

DelightfulLittleDarlings_03a PhillipLinusatOne_0444_PartyMagic

Can anybody say, “Beam me up, Scotty!”

And of course, I couldn’t let this party go without a replica of the USS Enterprise:

DelightfulLittleDarlings_05b PhillipLinusatOne_0399_PartyMagic

DelightfulLittleDarlings_16b PhillipLinusatOne_0505_PartyMagic

As briefly shown earlier, the cake was a real sight to behold:

DelightfulLittleDarlings_03b PhillipLinusatOne_0396_PartyMagic

I love the texturing of the brown, rocky peak where the USS Enterprise sits. Philipp Linus’ character was also well made, not to mention cute!

DelightfulLittleDarlings_09b PhillipLinusatOne_0528_PartyMagic

The happiest of birthdays to our young explorer, Philipp Linus!

DelightfulLittleDarlings_30b PhillipLinusatOne_1129_PartyMagic



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