The Best Christmas Party Theme (for a Girl)



  • It’s that most wonderful time of the year, again!
  • I will be sharing with you a theme that has never been done before (yes, really!).
  • This is I think the best Christmas-related theme that you can do for your baby girl. Unique, unexpected, but still done in taste.
  • For my next blog post – my favorite (new) themes for 2016!
  • The new year is just around the corner. What do we have in store for Party Magic in 2016?


If somebody out there has somehow invented a time machine, please do drop me a note. Time flies so fast, it felt like I was riding a bullet train passing by November and December!

Here’s my biggest fear in the world: that I would be too busy with all my event styling to slow down and watch my kids grow up. They are getting too big already!

sofie xmas


Now on to business: since the yuletide season has come (and passed), I would be remiss if I did not do a Christmas-related post. This is, after all everyone’s favorite time of the year (including mine!)

I am so excited to share with you a new theme of mine from Party Magic. I labelled the party “Nutcracker-Ballerina” for lack of a better name. If you are done reading this blog post and have seen the photos, you are most definitely welcome to send over suggestions for a better name for this theme!

Alessa's Birthday 6

If anyone there is wondering, the picture above is showing Party Magic‘s entrance set-up (yes, that’s not the stage, yet!). The stage is here:

Alessa's Birthday 31

Alessa's Birthday 23

If there is one thing that I am proud of as the founder of Party Magic, it is our reputation for tasteful design, packaged in a very affordable fee that is filled with a lot of value. We always make sure we over-deliver both in terms of aesthetic design and the sheer amount of props that we deploy at the venue.

The reason why I am so in love (no, obssessed is the better term!) with this theme is that it combines the soft and sweet elements one can normally see in a female-theme styled party, but with a twist: The Nutcracker (with ballerina elements) + Christmas!

Alessa's Birthday 40

Alessa's Birthday 34

Alessa's Birthday 35

Who can ever forget watching The Nutcracker? This particular party mixes the ballet elements (see above) with the nutcracker himself (see below).

Alessa's Birthday 27

And who can resist that absolutely ADORABLE cake! It’s Christmas packaged in two-tier sweetness!

Alessa's Birthday 32

The dessert station was also tastefully done.

Alessa's Birthday 9

Alessa's Birthday 13

Alessa's Birthday 20

All in all, a very happy way to celebrate a birthday. Christmas-style!

The best and sweetest of birthdays to our dear Alessa! May your birthdays continue to be sprinkled with the good ol’ Christmas cheer!

Alessa's Birthday 43


If you are wondering why all these wonderful pictures have “cradles” written all over them, it’s because that’s the name of the photographer!

I’ve only worked with Anne Naig of Cradles for a couple of times, but I’m already impressed.

Check out their FB page here.

Alessa's Birthday 28


Here’s the bonus as promised: what’s up in Party Magic for 2016?

For those who are not yet aware of it, we have been experimenting for some time now with offering some of our selected props for rental. Don’t get me wrong. I still think that the very best way to get the most VALUE for your money is to hire us for the whole event styling package. You will not find as much props coupled with design aesthetic in any other shop.

However, what if you’re just throwing a small party and the pricing just doesn’t make sense for you? Well, you can try renting out some of our signature pieces. (such as this beautiful piece of art called a princess carriage!)

More details to come.




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