Toni Gonzaga’s Little Captain Is On His Way



When ABS-CBN called up to ask if I would style Toni Gonzaga’s baby shower, there was only one possible answer to that question: hell yeah!

You see, while I love watching the usual Western movies (watched Suicide Squad recently), I’m also an unabashed fan of Pinoy film, and hence, my extreme fascination with Toni G, arguably the best talent Philippine showbiz has ever known (triple threat of host, singer, and actress!).

And though I wasn’t able to take a picture with Toni herself, I got the next best thing:

paul soriano

From left to right: Luisa (stylist-coordinator at Party Magic), me, and Direk Paul!

Before you say anything else, I’m gonna cut in right away: No, Luisa and I usually do not go to client meetings wearing identical Mickey Mouse slippers. These were supplied from the place where we had our meeting. :)

Okay. Now that we got that out of the way, here’s the concept I proposed to Toni.

Toni was very determined to have a nautical themed party for her little captain (I proposed surf shack, tropical, Hawaiian luau, but she wouldn’t budge!), so the Party Magic team and I went to work to create her dream party:

stage (toni) watermark

Here’s the actual:

1 (6)

Toni G’s stage as conceptualized by me. A special thank you to Starfish Media for these amazing shots!

1 (3)

The actual stage seems a bit narrow compared to the mockup since I had to re-adjust the dimensions to fit the platform provided by The Loft at Manansala, but I think the Party Magic team and I faithfully followed the design to the letter!

Despite how nice the stage looked though, my number 1 favorite element in this baby shower is a ceiling feature idea that came to me during the planning stage:

1 (9)

This was a huge ass pair of sails that hung suspended from the air – I made one pair for the left side of the stage, and another for the right. I think creating creative, huge designs like this one is a great way to really catch your guests’ attention!

A section of the ceiling was adorned by a cascade of swags, lanterns, and pompoms as well:

1 (4)


Besides the theme, the only other thing that Toni was insistent on was that she wanted a dessert / candy bar dressed up in nautical theme as well. Apparently, Toni and I share the same trait as being sugar addicts!

Here’s how I designed the dessert table:

1 (13)

The main table is framed by two wooden circular tables, where two majestic cakes sit (to the left is Mary Grace’s cake, to the right, Bench’s).

1 (5)

Looking closer, here we have an anchor riding this red pompom-filled boat as a backdrop! Now that really sets the mood and scene for another spectacle: the masterpiece work of Lovely of Sugarplum Pastries!

1 (12)

1 (1)

Whale cupcakes. My favorite!

1 (7)

Here Lovely designed treats with the message: Our little captain is on the way!

1 (14)

A lighthouse on top of waves of water churning. Or is it just a cupcake with a lighthouse-shape on top?

Once again, another masterful work by Lovely! (cue: audience claps vigorously)


The entrance we did was simple, yet effective in conveying a message:

1 (11)

The event (as expected) was attended by a veritable hodgepodge of celebrities:

1 (18)




In the end though, it doesn’t matter if I was satisfied with my work, as I am not the client. The client is. This is why I always ask Luisa only one question at the end of each party:

Was the client happy?

Here’s what Toni has to say about that:


My deepest congratulations on your pregnancy, Toni and Paul!

1 (19)



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