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(Update: for a more complete list of the Best Caterers (with downloadable menus), read my new blog post The Best Catering Services in Manila!)

There is only one thing most adults care about in a birthday party: FOOD.

And it cannot be just any food, it has to be good, delicious food. And so, I find that with most of my clients, even before they book me to style their event, they have already booked or decided on which catering service they will avail (and also most times, on the venue as well).

Having been in the business for quite a few years already (4 years, to be exact), I’ve had my share of good and bad experiences with catering services. The list below is by no means exhaustive; just treat it as my general opinion based on my own experience as an event stylist.

Arranged in no particular order:


This renowned shop known for its sumptuous cakes and pastries also runs a very respected catering service. Food is delicious and consistent, price is a bit on the above average though. Service is impeccable. Range of package is somewhere around P550-740 / head.

Here’s a tip: get a package that is high enough, and they’ll throw in ghost chairs for FREE. Trust me, the chairs are worth it!

Download their menu below:

Hizon’s Buffet Menu for Lunch and Dinner

Hizon’s Children’s Menu


Probably the most prolific and popular catering service, Verleo offers packages that start at the very affordable range of P260 / head. They also have packages that are as high as P890 / head, so don’t think of this catering service as just for cheapskates, either.

One thing that makes Verleo one of the most successful catering service around in Manila is the wide variety of choices of food available, the quality of the food (which is not sacrificed no matter the price of the package), AND the generous servings of food provided.

Check out their menu below:

Verleo Catering Buffet Menu


Now this is a hidden gem! Before I encountered this catering service in one of the parties I styled, I’ve never heard of them. After I tried their food, though, I immediately asked my client the price of the package she got. According to the client, the package she availed of was around P350 / head, but it tasted like P500 / head! Now that’s a first impression!

 Check out their menu below: 

Golden Cape Menu 1

Golden Cape Menu 2


One of the leading caterers with an established presence in the wedding industry, K by Cunanan’s main value proposition is its marriage of catering service + event styling in one complete package. They offer you food, with dainty table centerpieces and table tops as a bonus. With the advent of event styling, this bonus is becoming more important in the client’s eyes, now more than ever.

Click on their menu below:

K by Cunanan Menu


This catering service is another lesser known shop, but nevertheless still worthy of consideration.



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  • While celebrating a wonderful tour in Disneyland we can enjoy their succulent food and drink those refreshing drinks, that’s a great deal there. Congratulations to Disneyland for their continuous doing like giving such fun to the people and offers a wide variety of food just like Catering Melbourne . Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day..

  • hello po sa famous na catering in manila. Nais ko po sanang mag apply bilang internship sa inyong catering. my first internship po ay sa CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL. in kitchen po. if ever po ba eh makakapasok po ko sainyong catering business?


  • Hi, just want to clarify that Hizons Catering is not related or they don’t owned Hizons cakes & pastries :)

  • We hired Josiah’s Catering ( LUXE PACKAGE ) as our caterer for my brother’s wedding on Dec 18 in Oasis Manila. We wanted to get K Cunanan who has proven in past 3 occasions to be reliable with their excellent styling and food services, unfortunately they were fully booked for that day so we opted to give Josiahs a try. Much to our regret.

    We are extremely dissatisfied with how things ended. We went to great lengths to make sure everything goes according to plan. We had a number of meetings, exchanges of emails and phone calls. We discussed and agreed on how things were supposed to be.But in actuality a lot of things did not conform to our agreement.

    First, the wedding ceremony was supposed to start at 4pm and majority of the guest were already at the venue at around 3:30. During that time the venue was not yet prepared. The settings of the tables and chairs were not yet completed. Table centerpieces were still being installed and some chairs didn’t have their foams.The centerpieces were the wrong kind. Table numbers were missing. The backdrop for the couple was not even installed at that time. When asked, Josiah’s crew already at the site couldn’t explain or give the location of the truck which was supposed to deliver said backdrop. They were even surprised.

    The wedding coordinators and the siblings of the couple were all extremely worried that the ceremony would be delayed. Even the officiating Bishop voiced his concern. Some staff of Oasis even assisted in the setting up of the table just to help out. Even some of the entourage had to provide assistance just to speed up the process. But worse of all the guests were inconvenienced.

    Since the main venue was still not ready, the guests had to wait outside in the lobby. With no airconditioning. They waited from 330 to past 4pm before they could enter the venue. Special consideration had to be given to elderly guests and those with medical conditions. They got to sit inside and watch Josiah’s crew hurriedly complete their tasks. Unfortunately this is not the end of the story.

    The wedding cake was not the agreed one, specially the color ( they gave as black embellishment instead of blue! When blue was the wedding motif ). The wedding car was supposed to be a mercedes benz. But what arrived was something like a white CRV. Or was that an X-trail? Even our coordinator tried to stop the bride from getting into the vehicle because they thought it was not the bridal car. There were issues with the food as well. The appetizer, the one with the toast bread and tuna toppings smelled spoiled/rotten. Guests noticed that. Some of the squid marina was itchy to the mouth. Guests noticed that as well. In events like this, any complaint of the guest about the quality of the food is as source of great embarrassment to the family. And we were embarrassed. Greatly.

    The irony of it all was right from the beginning, and this was a number of months ago, when we just signed Josiahs to cater for us, the point person that Josiah assigned to handle our even went on AWOL. Everything that was discussed with her was not turned over to her replacement. Josiah only acted on this when follow ups on our side yielded zero replies. So we had to start from scratch all over again and went into the details of the wedding with the new point person. Unbeknownst to us this was already a bad omen.

    Yes I know its cliché to say that the wedding day is one of the most important day of a woman’s life, but that holds true even today. We all wish that events like this goes without a hitch. We also know that reality doesn’t match expectations 100%. But the number of times Josiah dropped the ball on this event is unbelievable. And the magnitude of some of those gaffes are what many will consider unacceptable. In legal circles this could be considered a breach of contract.

    JOSIAH: Di nyo lang alam kung gaano nyo kame na-stressed out( the family of the groom and wedding coordinators as well ), The mother of the groom who went personally to josiah for several meeting was extremely stressed due to the delay you have caused ). We never experienced anything like this. Josiah was hired to prevent something like this from happening. We expected the professionals to make this event smooth and problem free. Yet the so called professional was the main cause of the problems. WE REGRET GETTING YOU AS OUR CATERING SERVICE !!!NASAYANG lang ang oras, pagod ng pagpunta namin several times sa Kamuning for the meeting dahil di nasunod and na pagusapan ). We are just thankful that the rest of the event suppliers pulled it off and gave us what we have agreed on and plus a little bit more just to help us out. Thank you for all the relatives and friends who made this celebration a memorable one.

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