Kaia’s Little Town


It’s the little things that matter most. 

They say sisters share a bond unlike any other. Arya loves and adores her little sister Kaia so much that she wanted to make Kaia’s first birthday more memorable by helping conceptualize and plan the big event!

Usually, we work with moms more, but Arya wanted to be hands-on as much as Mommy Jorina was. Talk about sister of the year! 💖 With her talent and love for the arts, Arya helped create the visuals and invitations for Kaia’s grand celebration. And let me tell you, being in awe is an understatement. As an event stylist, I have a team of creatives who work in that department, so collaborating with the celebrant’s sister was a first for me and she certainly did not disappoint!  

Look at what Arya did for her little sister’s invitation:Kaia’s invitation by Arya

Our concept for Kaia’s 1st birthday gives her a glimpse of a world where you can be anything you want—sweet, loving, simple, and cute! 😉

Welcome to Kaia’s Little Town 💖

The motif of the venue is a sweet and youthful little town in pastel colors. Everything you can find in your ideal neighborhood is at Kaiaville but dreamier! As always, details matter: the road signs and different activity areas are named after each family member.

Leon Rd, named after Kaia’s big brother Leon!

Arya’s ideas didn’t end with pen, paper, and invitation printouts. We wanted Kaiaville to look the way she imagined it. Apart from the cotton candy-colored balloons and backdrops, we added lush greeneries, vibrant flowers, and palm trees,  then laid them all on an artificial lawn. It’s like we’re having one huge summer picnic at Kaiaville! 

Let’s go on a tour of Kaiaville, shall we?

Our first stop: Kaia Town Hall. This particular theme got the Party Magic team working like we were an actual construction crew (which in some respects we are lol). We built the town hall to look exactly like the real thing where the townspeople would gather, but cuter. Just look at the preppy-colored backdrop, the lamp posts, balconies, and a well-manicured garden out front. Can you tell that I’m a sucker for details? 👀

Even Kaia’s birthday cake shows all the areas of the town!

Kaiaville mini-golf and playground. Kaia’s 1st birthday is nothing short of fun activities. In front of the town hall is a mini golf course where guests can sink some putts. For the adventurous ones, there’s also the playground with mini go-karts and bicycles. 

Leon’s Toy Store and Mommy’s Salon. For the creative ones like Arya, head over to Leon’s toy store where you can design your own toy or Mommy’s salon where you can get fabulous makeovers and get dolled up for the event.

Daddy’s Cafe and Arya’s Ice Cream Shop. Feeling snacky? Daddy’s Cafe and Arya’s ice cream shop got you covered! Indulge in quick bites at either of the two shops when you roam around Kaiaville. Get a discount when you present a photo with Kaia 😉

Kaia’s Flower Shop. And lastly, my favorite spot at Kaiaville—Kaia’s flower shop. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about flowers that just brightens up the whole place hence having the flower shop named after our celebrant. Kaia’s cute little smile is such a charmer. At one year old, we can already see the kind of girl she’s blooming into.

Kaiaville: A town to remember 

Styling events is one thing, but seeing it all come together to bring smiles to family and guests’ faces and witnessing acts of love from a sister like Arya is the reason why I do what I do. 

At Party Magic, we don’t just style events. We create the best memories for you and your family.

 All photos shot by Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee

See you in the next town hall meeting! 



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