12 Ways To Make Your Lego Party Awesome


About a week ago, the Party Magic team and I did this cool Lego Party. It was in good timing too, as the first Lego Certified Store in the Philippines just opened last May 12!

The Lego Universe is absolutely MASSIVE. And because of its popularity, chances are, if you have a boy, you will definitely come across the challenge of throwing a Lego-themed party for him. This can be downright intimidating as Lego is a huge concept and you can easily be at a loss on how and where to start, such as sourcing Lego party supplies, Lego party favors, and even your Lego party invitations.

This blog post is about giving you ideas and awakening those creative juices within you (yes, they do exist!). So check out the ideas you can see below!

1. Make a stage set-up showing off huge lego blocks with a human-sized lego character (such as Emmet)


Matthew’s Lego Party, styled by Party Magic

This can be a downright impressive (or intimidating) scene, so let’s break the stage down into parts:

Block Letters. These can be made of wood, or paper mache, with wood being the more expensive option. Cut out circular shaped cartons or styrofoam, glue them evenly on the letters, then paint. Make sure you use primary color paints and work with red, yellow, blue and green. You can order block letters from Party Magic.

Gigantic Lego Block Arch. If your husband is good with carpentry, this will be a breeze as this just involves constructing pillars with an arch joining them together. However, I’m sure not all of us have husbands for carpenters, so other options can be: creating large Lego block shapes and stacking them together. These involves getting carton boxes, adding circular shapes on top, and painting them, similar to the process described above for the block letters.

Lego Patterned Printed Backdrop. This is fairly simple, and the most important thing is to have a high resolution Lego block graphic to send to a printer. You can check out some available ones on the internet here and here.


Matthew’s Lego Party, styled by Party Magic

Human-sized Emmet. Creating this involves more of a specialized skill, so be sure to contact Party Magic if you are interested in ordering.

2. Build a strong first impression by creating an awesome Lego party invitation

lego invite

From Etsy.com

Some people think that the entrance to your party is your guests’ first impression, but it’s really not. The real first impression is the invitation, and you can do well by using a well designed one. You can find a pre-made template here, for only about US$6.00

3. Purchase plastic construction hats and hand them out to the kids as they enter the party. Add stickers with your child’s name on the hats

IMG_7827 copy

Matthew’s Lego Party, styled by Party Magic

You can purchase some construction hats here, or send me an email at michelle@michellelao.com to ask where else you can source these hats.

4. Cut and sew your own Lego colored banderitas

IMG_7795 copy

Matthew’s Lego Party, styled by Party Magic

Banderitas are a great way to dress up your venue, as they are very festive and creates a strong visual “punch” with their colors. To do this, buy some cloth, make sure they are in the primary colors of red, yellow, blue, and green. Cut these into triangle shapes, then sew. Buy some thin rope and slip this through the banderitas.

4.  Create an attention-grabbing Lego graphics set that includes banners, cupcake toppers, favor tags, welcome sign, and banners


From Etsy.com

If you are a hardcore DIY mom and have some graphics chops, go ahead and design these! Attention to detail is very important and can make or break your party. Unfortunately, as we are all aware, not all moms have the time (nor the patience) to build out their own graphics, so why reinvent the wheel? Go to trustworthy Etsy, buy a graphics set that contains EVERYTHING you need. You can find one here for US$25.

If you are the type who wants some more customization in your graphics, be sure you have a LEGO FONT available for use. You can download the Lego Font for FREE here.

5.  Make your own Lego blocks, buy a vase and cover with lego print and pompoms, and create a medium-sized Lego figure for your centerpiece

IMG_7738 copy

Matthew’s Lego Party, styled by Party Magic

Lego blocks. You can cut out circular shapes, place them on top of a box, and paint.

Lego vase. Take a cylindrical vase, buy a Lego graphic then print it out and cover the vase from the inside, then place a small red pompom on top of it. You can purchase pompoms from the Party Magic store.

Lego figure. You can order these from Party Magic (if we still have extras).

6.  Make an awesome Lego party photo booth

At a loss on how to create a Lego photo booth? Below is an idea:

IMG_7759 copy

Matthew’s Lego Party, styled by Party Magic

The background and props were all created by Party Magic.

7. Take a small, empty tank, spray paint it in yellow, then stick on some Lego drawn eyes and mouth

IMG_7870 copy

Matthew’s Lego Party, styled by Party Magic

In this photo, I used an old empty helium tank and spray painted it in yellow using basic spray paint that you can purchase from any hardware store. For the Lego eyes and mouth, you can purchase a Lego graphic like this one, print it on sticker paper, then place it on the tank.

8. Bake cupcakes topped with cream and biscuit, then place small Lego figures on top

IMG_7836 copy

Pastries by Simply Paris 

Chef Nikki of Simply had this very cute twist to the usual cupcake. Just be sure to place a signage saying “figures not edible”!

9. Bake some Lego-colored chocolate, then apply a mold to create Lego block chocolates and Lego figure chocolates!

IMG_7854 copy

Pastries by Simply Paris

Aren’t those chocolates so cute! And you don’t have to stop here either. If you have some basic skills, you can create ice cubes, candies, and even jello! The key there is having the Lego mold silicone, which you can see and purchase here.

Grant Thompson did a very helpful instructional video on how to make gummy Lego candy, and boy do they look really good! Check out the video below:

10. Place Lego block-shaped chocolates on top of traditional pastries such as tiramisu

IMG_7873 copy

This is something that is totally unique and will definitely catch everyone’s attention!

11. Make Lego head cake pops, and make sure to create various expressions for their faces


Pastries by Simply Paris

Chef Nikki was kind enough to share her recipe and instructions for these Lego head cake pops:




Pre-made chocolate cake

Chocolate buttercream

Yellow candy melts

Ready-made Icing


1. Crumble chocolate cake until it resembles fine crumbs.

2. Mix in some of the chocolate buttercream until the mixture can be formed into small balls.

3. Once you’ve formed the balls, adjust the shape into a cylinder to form the shape of a Lego head.

4. Place a mini M&M on the head using your ready-made icing. This will serve as the foundation to create that circular shape jutting out of every Lego piece.

5. Dip the Lego head into yellow candy melts. Tap excess candy melts.

6. Decorate and draw Lego faces using your ready-made icing and make sure to have some FUN!


12. Get it all together and display all your Lego-themed pastries into one, well designed dessert spread

IMG_7833 copy

IMG_7862 copy


Matthew’s Lego Party, styled by Party Magic

For this dessert spread, I created a custom background print and superimposed some actual Lego bricks to add some color and depth. Just source out the Lego bricks at any toy store, or grab some from your son’s Lego collection! You can also buy an affordable, 1,000-piece collection of Lego-compatible blocks here.

Got your brain fired up with inspiration yet? Have some questions, or ideas you would also like to add to this post? Email me at michelle@michellelao.com.

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‘Til the next party!


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