Lexie Venice – A Grand Venetian Masquerade!


Ever get tired of the usual birthday party themes? Running out of birthday party ideas? Well here’s a theme that you can try out: A Venetian Masquerade Ball! Now let us enter the golden gate and take a look at this spectacle!

IMG_8494 copy

It turns out that there was a special reason for this theme, and it lies in the celebrant’s name: “Lexie Venice”!

Venice apparently made an indelible mark on my client, Lynn’s memory, and she loved the place so much that she decided to include it in her daughter’s name!

The venue was in Blue Leaf Filipinas, which I recommended as one of the Top 10 Kiddie Party Venues in Metro Manila, and with good reason: it has a high ceiling, well designed interiors, a great outdoor courtyard, and ample parking space. This is a favorite venue not only for children’s parties but for debuts and weddings as well.

Depending on the venue, sometimes the ceiling works can make or break your party. The tricky thing about ceiling works though is that it is typically the HARDEST part of the decor process, simply because there is absolutely NO WAY a stylist can do advanced work or preparations for it. The Party Magic team can just simply bring the materials required, come to the venue a few hours early, and start working. In the end though, it is the most beautiful part of the decor! See for yourself:

IMG_8471 copy

Okay, those chairs at the bottom left corner just photobombed the picture, so just pretend they are not there! I took this shot around 3-4 hours ahead of the party, so the caterer was just starting to set up!

What’s a Venetian party without Venetian masks? So for this event, we created two very special, 5-foot Venetian masks! Take a closer look below:

IMG_8369 copy

I wanted to use these fabric ribbon cascades because I just couldn’t resist the high ceiling of Blue Leaf. Plus when taken all together, the view is just simply breathtaking.

IMG_8468 copy

Did you notice anything different about this Venetian Masquerade party?

Well, for one thing, it’s all pastels!

If you google Venetian Masquerade, you will typically see heavily adorned masks in dark settings. You see, the traditional Venetian Masquerade is probably the most grandiose social event in olden times, but it was all about mystery and drama (hence the masks). The tricky part is translating the essence of the Venetian Masquerade into something that is fit for a girl’s party. Hence the transition into a soft pastel palette.

The stage is no slouch either. We created a Venetian facade, with Venetian party goers in front and a huge signage announcing the event: Lexie Venice’s 1st Birthday Carnevale!


IMG_8386 copy

IMG_8387 copy

One of my favorite elements in this party is a actually a DIY: our very own homemade Venetian masks!

IMG_8484 copy

IMG_8412 copy

Would you believe that these are all homemade? It’s a very simple process really, with simple materials that are readily available: a generic mask, some braidings, glitter powder, feathers, and flowers, then voila! The typical Venetian mask is made out of fabric and painted gold or silver, but in Lexie Venice’s party we decided for a more elegant and “glitzy” feel. If you’re interested in creating your own, send me an email and let me know!

The masks were incorporated into the centerpieces as part of the floral arrangement:

IMG_8410 copy

IMG_8415 copy

Beside the stage, we created two sections: one containing the party’s souvenirs, and the other for the game prizes.

IMG_8406 copy

IMG_8402 copy

Outside of the golden gate, at the main entrance, we created this floral arch with this whimsical collection of lanterns and pompoms:

IMG_8453 copy

IMG_8460 copy

I just love how that looks like!

And, I’m saving the best for last. For our photo area, we literally recreated a scene from Venice, with a gondola riding under a bridge! And yes, people can walk and stand on the bridge! The guests loved it so much, with some members of the family standing on the bridge while someone is sitting down on the gondola.

IMG_8418 copy

IMG_8422 copy

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  • Hi what a lovely setup and theme. So visually delightful. And im proud to see my owl pillows, glad Ms Lynn choose us as her party’s souvenirs. 😊

    – Anabel (Pillow Me)

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