Eloise: A Sweet Slumber Party


When my client, Eleanore, approached me with her idea for a theme, I was truly excited. This was what she showed me:

image (2)

Talk about unique themes! As far as uniqueness goes, this might just top the list. Plus, here’s a sweet bonus: Eleanore’s a long-time friend! 

Having the theme pinned down is just the tip of the iceberg. Now it was time for me to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. Here were my rough notes while planning the party:

1. Bed as focal point for stage

2. A prop plan centered on the bedroom: pillows, stuffed toys, books, picture frames, room window, dresser with mirror, etc.

3. A ceiling treatment focused on stars

4. A dessert table styled as a breakfast set (as if the kids just woke up from their slumber party for a hearty breakfast)

Here are the results:







Just love that absolutely GORGEOUS ruffle cake. Another kudos and job well done to Simply Paris! In fact, now that I think about it, that ruffle cake deserves a beautiful close-up shot:


All these amazing photos courtesy of the great Stephen Chiu. You can check out his works or contact him at his FB page, just click here.

I had the privilege to have the time and linger during the party, and it was truly something special. Unlike the usual chaotic children’s parties of old, this was a truly STYLISH one: intimate, relaxed, aesthetically pleasing, and most of all, FUN. Even the kids came to the party dressed in pajamas!


The fun part was also taken care of by the game booths we supplied, which we personalized to fit the party:


This is a variation of the standard darts game, but instead of hitting the bulls-eye, contestants are required to hit the black sheep in order to win a prize. Now, how FUN is that!

I also said that the party was stylish because of all the little details: there was no loud program; instead, people were free to socialize, linger, and play at the game booths, and children had a storytelling time (which is perfectly in line with the theme as well!):


People were so in the mood for the slumber party, that other guests grabbed a book and did some storytelling of their own to the kids!


Isn’t that sweet!

A craft activity area was also put together. There’s Eloise herself painting her stool with Grandma:


For me, this is the best example of a perfectly styled party: coordinated from the invites, the decor, the activities, the games, the program, down to the uniform / dress code for the children!

And now, in true Michelle Lao fashion, let’s close this post with an adorable family picture:


Happy Birthday, Eloise!

‘Til the next party,


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