Liam’s Beep-Bop-Bot Robot Party!


With the proliferation of monsters-themed parties out there, I think it’s about time to introduce something new and exciting: ROBOTS! I mean, this is exactly what styling is all about, right? Always doing something new, something fresh to the eyes. This is what my client, Mercy, thought of as well. She wanted to match the colorfulness and energy of the Monsters theme, but introduce something new as well. You know what this means?

Robots are the NEW (and better) Monsters!

As I mentioned previously, what I love best about themes like Robots or Monsters is that your creativity is pushed to the limit, simply because there is no single template to follow. The exact colors, graphics, down to the exact look and feel of the robots themselves, are entirely up to the designer. And so in typical Michelle fashion, during the design process, I chose to go with “happy”, and even silly-looking robots!

Here’s my initial sketch-up plan for the client: robot layout

Now, here’s final stage outcome at the party itself: IMG_5370

My inspiration for this particular stage design is the interior of a spacecraft. Imagine that you were abducted by alien invaders, brought to the control room of their ship…and met this cute blue robot saying “Beep, Bop, Bot”? Thus, all the necessary details and elements such as: the overhead grills, the portholes (the circular windows), the rungs for going down into the control room, and, my personal favorite, the control panel of Mr. Blue Robot! Check it out below:

 IMG_5375 copy

Did you notice that humongous robot standing at the right side of the stage? That’s actually a really, really large pinata. I was originally planning a standard sized pinata, but my husband for some reason misread my instructions and thought that we will be constructing a life-sized robot! And so we were stuck with this GIGANTIC pinata that looked more like a Trojan Horse (except instead of containing people, it contained candies and goodies)! 

IMG_5374 copy

Another one of my favorite details is the centerpiece. These consisted of these DIY Robot stuffed toys, sitting on a pail. You have the whole Party Magic team to thank for these wonderfully crafted stuffed toys; it took us almost 2 WEEKS of non-stop crafting, cutting, and sewing, just to get all the toys done! Here’s what the Party Magic staff sent to me when they were all done:


With a personal message that read: “Robot na kahirap hirap na gawin” (which means, “Robots that were extremely hard to make”)!

The ceiling (as always) was absolutely difficult to pull off, but in the end, the whole team was rewarded by the effect it placed on the whole venue:

IMG_5419 copy

I also loved how we executed the entrance set-up. It was complete with a hi-tech lighted arch, a signage, and a real-life control panel displaying all of Liam’s personal effects such as his favorite toys and clothes!

 IMG_5383 copy

IMG_5403 copy

And now, let’s close this post with one of my favorite areas in the party: the dessert table! I just LOVE how Chef Nikki of Simply Paris executed this one; look at all the details!

IMG_5360 copy

Check out those rocket macaroons:

IMG_5344 copy

My personal favorite: Chocolate boosters packed in syringes! Imagine kids INJECTING themselves with chocolate goodness!

IMG_5342 copy

IMG_5345 copy

‘Til the next party!


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  • hi michelle, i really love your creativity and artwork! your event styling is really fantastic! are you still available on june 7? it will be my son’s first birthday. please email ne at thanks

    • Hi Jerika!

      Thank you for your wonderful compliment. Unfortunately we are unavailable for your June 7th date..hoping we can style your other parties in the future!


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