Jaime – A Retro Mickey Garage Party (And Why I Will Always Love This Job)


No matter how many times I’ve been asked to make a Mickey party, I am always bursting with excitement, simply because I always try to create something new, with a twist.

This time my client, Jennifer, had a special request. She wanted to create a party revolving around the concept of Mickey and Transportation, two of the most favorite things of her dear son, Jaime.

The alchemy of these two elements came out this way:



So cute, right!

I LOVE the detailed vintage oil cans off to the side of the service station:


The main idea behind this is to answer the question: if Mickey was a car fanatic, what would he do? Yes, you are probably right: he would probably own a car service station, just like this one!

And Goofy would probably be his partner, with his own station!


Before Jaime was able to enjoy all these sights though, the family took a slight detour: Jaime got sick, and the event was cancelled. Afterwards, a later date was proposed and the party was moved to that date.

When finally the day came, the main show was nothing short of spectacular: Jaime’s entrance into the party! This was his reaction to the decor:


You know what, you can throw in the best stage, the best centerpiece, the best swags and lanterns, whip it up into the most expensive party you could ever afford, but all of these things do not even COMPARE to the sight of your child, happy. There is something so innocent and irrepressible with a child’s smile. It is irresistibly contagious and fills a parent’s heart full to the brim.

When I got married, it was an amazing event. But it does not even come close to the level of happiness me as a parent felt when my daughter celebrated her event, her birthday. Not even a mile close.

When I got married, I felt happy for myself. When I celebrated my child’s birthday, I was happy for her. In the blink of eye, my viewpoint changed from inward (myself) to outward. For the first time in my life, I had this beautiful little creature whose fate was in my hands, quite literally. I found my purpose, which was to be a great mother for my kid. From then on I knew that my life would never be the same.

When my client Jennifer saw her son’s reaction, I knew she felt what I would have felt had it been my child: positively ecstatic!

Besides, how could you resist this cute little boy!


This is why I absolutely LOVE my job. I live for these moments.

Of course, there’s the desserts too. Did somebody just shout, “Cake”?


Cheers once more to the baking guru, Chef Nikki Yeung of Simply Paris, for these amazing treats!









Thank you so much to Little People Photography for once again doing an amazing job capturing all these wonderful pictures.

A happy happy birthday celebration to sweet Jaime. Until the next party!




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