Mikaela’s Primera Fiesta – A Modern Mexican Fiesta


Today, I am literally bouncing with excitement, as I’m about to show you what I think is one of the best works Party Magic and I have done recently (if not THE BEST). The title of the party is similarly dramatically phrased as well: Primera Fiesta de Mikaela!

IMG_2431 copy

This type of fiesta is not like any other, not only because of the decor, but also because this was the first time I had a client who is an honest-to-goodness public servant! Mayen, who apparently has some Spanish blood, decided it was quite apt to center her daughter’s 1st birthday celebration around this concept of Mexican fiesta.

Let me show you the stage:

IMG_2421 copy

Isn’t this such a visual feast? Looking at it feels like being hit by a kaleidoscope of colors.

I love this SO MUCH simply because it is NOT the typical definition of a “fiesta party”. In fact, I don’t even think it’s inside anyone’s dictionary. And yet, when you see it, you get it. It’s Mexican. It’s a fiesta. And it’s for a girl. Or, as my husband loves to say, it’s “SOLID!” (pronounced as SOL-leed!).

And the details make you curious, makes you want to peer closer. Shall we?

IMG_2511 copy

Baby donkey (in gold) at 12 o’clock!

IMG_2522 copy

A cactus, maraca, and some flowers. Staples to any female Mexican Fiesta party! (or so I think)

IMG_2430 copy

A flyer about Ferdinand the Bull (seriously, you haven’t heard of him?), an enlarged chili, a flowered sombrero, a vintage ladder painted in screaming yellow-green, golden birdcages, a spanish guitar, and 2 cactuses (or should I say cactii? I get confused!).

Among all of the details, though, my hands-down favorite is the center. I absolutely love how the paper flowers turned out, not just in their crafting but more importantly in the colors! Further down is the beautifully wrought signage, complete with gypsy-like light bulbs, and further down that is the wonderfully crafted birthday cake. It all makes a pretty picture, framed just right. Take a look at it below:

IMG_2423 copy

Speaking of gypsy, take a look at the host Mayen hired:

IMG_2502 copy

Isn’t she adorable! Your own little Mexican entertainer for your fiesta party. Maybe we should call her Conchita?

The ceiling treatment was no slouch either. The Party Magic team and I made sure it was colorful and lively:

IMG_2465 copy

Instead of the usual flavor of lanterns and pompoms, I decided it would be more apt to create hundreds and hundreds of papel picados (a type of perforated paper made usually out of soft tissue paper) for that fiesta theme. Whew, you wouldn’t believe the number of man-hours that went into creating this one!

IMG_2438 copy

Accenting the papel picados were hanging light bulbs. This is perfect for parties that conclude into the late afternoon, were lighting accents would be more apparent due to the darker surroundings.

IMG_2435 copy

The photo-op we created was a doll. Take a look!

IMG_2410 copy

IMG_2456 copy

Those chairs were a true labor of love – I drew those patterns myself the night before, with the assistance of my little elvish helper, my daughter!

IMG_2417 copy

Beside the chairs is a sort of display table, containing selected dishes that best define Mexican culture:

IMG_2443 copy

Beer, tacos, and salsa! A grown man’s dream come true.

My own goal in creating this highly unusual fiesta party was the insertion of certain key elements into it, such as gold glitter (look at the Fiesta lettering and the gold encrusted fruit in the photo above) that provides the party a more glam feel into it. Kind of like a Mexican Glitzy party, or a modern take on the fiesta. Similarly there is that golden-wrapped donkey and golden birdcages on the stage.

IMG_2447 copy

Mayen absolutely loved this one. Hand-etched papel picados, but this time customized to her baby girl’s name, Mikaela!

And true to her nature, Mayen went all-out with this shindig. Check out her caterer:

IMG_2598 copy

El Chupacabra is that legendary restaurant in Makati known for its street tacos. And they even brought over a margarita station. How cool is that!(Please note though that the downside to getting them is that they don’t have their own tables and chairs, so you would have to rent these on your own)

I have to confess though, that there is real reason for my enthusiasm for this party. It’s because my husband and I have been talking about great party theme ideas, and one of our favorite ideas revolved around creating a fiesta themed party. The real appeal to this concept is that you can go all the way with your party, specifically, by offered food with Mexican/Spanish roots. And you don’t have to be limited to just tacos, either. Think paella, gambas, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, and mojitos for the adults. Oh, and churros! My favorite.

Now, on to my next favorite section of the party – the dessert!

IMG_2562 copy

IMG_2564 copy

I know what you’re thinking – that bull is absolutely outrageous. Which is why I love it! It kind of reminds me of Frida Kahlo, that famous Mexican painter.

IMG_2586 copy

I love these super cute Mexican cupcakes! Nice touch on the moustache and the sombrero!

IMG_2574 copy

Cute cactus cupcakes!

IMG_2570 copy

IMG_2573 copy
IMG_2588 copy

Gummies shaped like fruit slices!

IMG_2592 copy

But wait, there’s more! We also spruced up the entrance too:

IMG_2550 copy

IMG_2558 copy
IMG_2551 copy

Ponchos for the adults,

IMG_2537 copy

And sombreros for the little ones!

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed looking at these wonderful photographs as much as I did in making this party. A mostly lovely Mexican Fiesta for our dearest Mikaela!

IMG_2534 copy



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