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A few years ago, I heard a story from a client that would stick to me up to this day:

For some time, my client and her husband found it hard to conceive a child. So they went to the Holy Land itself, Israel, and lo and behold, a child was conceived! Thus was their firstborn, Laz, dubbed the “miracle baby”. A year later, Party Magic helped the couple, Raul and Laurice, celebrate the miracle of life during Laz’s first birthday.

This was back in 2014.

Fast forward to present, and we’re now celebrating a second miracle, one that goes by the name of Lily:

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Raul, Laurice, Laz, and Lily. Happiness begins in the family!

Photos courtesy of Life by Peach Frost

Much has been said by me about the importance of theme in any birthday party, but while I thoroughly enjoy creating parties with unique themes, I find that I’m absolutely thrilled when I get to work with both great themes and great people.

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An unexpected stage format: a circular layout with no background walling.

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A welcome entrance of flowers and pink fur carpeting greets guests as they enter.

An unexpected but welcome by-product of my profession as an event stylist is that I get to meet people of all flavors. But what struck me when I met Laurice and Raul was their unabashed devotion to their children. I guess as with anything in life, you appreciate something more when you had to work hard to get it in the first place.

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I love how the black and white treatment accentuates the emotion of this scene. Great job, Life by Peach Frost!

Lily’s stage was a refreshing change. Instead of the usual rectangular, 8 feet x 20 feet backdrop, we opted for no backdrop at all. Just a circular platform that supports an elegant, white gazebo, framed by circus animals, of course!

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The daintiest elephant there is, with her trunk shooting out balloon-bubbles!

While weddings can definitely be fun events to attend, they’ve got nothing on children’s parties. That’s because this time around, you are throwing a party for someone else, not for yourself, and I believe that true happiness comes when you do something for other people.

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A father’s love for his daughter is

For the photo-op, I continued on with the circular theme by creating a circular backdrop framed with an organic balloon arch and attached to a circular platform.

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Our french carnival photo-op

For entertainment, Laurice got her (and Party Magic’s as well) long-time supplier, Clowning Around. I love these guys for their exceptional talent and professionalism (this is equally, if not more, important). Highly recommended.

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The Bearded Lady and the rest of the motley crew of The Greatest Showman, ready to sing at Lily’s party.

The entrance doorway was framed by this:

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And in keeping in line with our non-traditional way of styling, off to the right side of the reception area I put up this:

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I have nothing but fond memories of the time I spent planning and executing Lily’s party. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing your plans and vision come to life. The only bad thing that came out of this was the fact that Lily’s party was actually over and done!

There is a dangerous illness that afflicts some of our clients which I can only describe as The Party Magic Hang-over (no seriously, some of our clients actually text us saying that they still cannot get over their parties). After Lily’s party was over, it was my turn to be hung-over. What’s the cure to this condition? More parties, of course!

Here’s the our miracle, Lily. The happiest of birthdays to you!

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