Margaux’s Flintstones Birthday: A Truly Rocking Party!


WELCOME TO BEDROCK (pop. 2,500, Stone Age)

Following off in the same vein as my previous post, Aerin: Meet Riverdale’s New Sweetheart, here’s another novel idea for a theme, this time coming from one of the greatest TV cartoons of all time: The Flintstones!

margaux at 1-69

Meet the Flintstones. Can anybody say, “Yabba Dabba Doo!”

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Margaux Rocks One in this Truly Unique Party

Part of the allure of designing children’s parties is the sheer breadth of the possible: one week I’m working on a pastel Gems party, and the next I’m designing a birthday centered on an Old Hong Kong theme!

While this is definitely taxing both physically and mentally, one thing’s for sure: it never gets boring in Party Magic.

Especially when you’re working on a theme as rich as The Flintstones! And all the credit goes to Mommy Andrea, for thinking up and suggesting this theme.

margaux at 1-9

margaux at 1-8

Leaves, bones, and beef tenderloin on the ceiling. Just another day in Bedrock!

margaux at 1-107

I’m soo loving how this entrance turned out. The organic balloon arch was mixed with animal dots and stripes to create that “wildlife” / safari feel. Add to that these prehistoric birds and you’ve created a real Stone Age welcome!

margaux at 1-105

margaux at 1-106


If you are a mom planning your child’s birthday party, and you already have a nice venue and a capable stylist, then the only constraint is you imagining up a theme.

Here’s my own technique on how to brainstorm a theme. A theme can be:

  1. A generalized, theme centered on an abstract concept (gems, rainbows, “white”, white and gold, etc)
  2. Based on various media: books, comics, movies, musicals, TV shows (Harry Potter, Avengers, Archie, The Greatest Showman, Game of Thrones, etc)
  3. A place, setting, or era (retro diner, Parisian, Monte Carlo, Mexican, 1980s, etc)

If you follow this path, generating ideas becomes relatively easy. Here’s a list of possible themes that are along the same cartoon / comics flavour:

  1. Archie (Aerin: Meet Riverdales’ New Sweetheart)
  2. Calvin and Hobbes (Alex’s Calvin and Hobbes Party: A Journey Through The Woods)
  3. Simpsons (blogging this one soon!)
  4. The Flintstones


margaux at 1-182

Margaux’s daddy…looking the part!

margaux at 1-128

Margaux’s daddy…definitely feeling the part

For all those parents busy and frenetic with planning and organizing your child’s birthday, once you’ve reached that fateful day, and you’ve stepped into the venue, my advice is…

Just let it all go.

Don’t think about that one thing you forgot…or didn’t. Don’t think about whether the food is enough for your guests. Don’t think about anything at all.

Trust me: being totally present and just enjoying those short three hours of the party is the best gift you can give to yourself and your family.

Better yet: be present for your family, in costume! I recently styled a safari party where the dad was wearing a full-on animal costume (let’s keep it general for the dignity of the daddy); the guests were asking us whether he was the host of the party!


I love everything I see on this stage. The stone-finish hexagon cake table, the Pebbles figure in 3D, and that fish being cooked over the fire! But what I’m proudest of all is Fred Flintstone’s Stone Age car! (you can see it on the left side of the stage)

margaux at 1-10

Probably the single image that gets conjured into people’s minds when they hear Flintstones is Fred foot-pedaling the ground inside that tent of a car of his:


This image still cracks me up, up til this day!

Here’s Party Magic’s own version of Fred’s car:

margaux at 1-25

Great for photos with the kids, too!

For the photo area, I chose to do the Flintstone’s living room:

margaux at 1-34

margaux at 1-147

margaux at 1-33

margaux at 1-149

Mommy Andrea wanted to do a donut wall for her dessert area, so I did another version of the Flintstone’s car, this time incorporated into the dessert table itself:

margaux at 1-122

Props to Mommy Andrea for choosing these well-coordinated donuts for the wall! It really gave off that Flintstones feel.

margaux at 1-124

The happiest of birthdays to our dearest Margaux!

margaux at 1-58



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