Megumi: Baking Up a Sweet Party


Since I was young, I have always been interested in baking. My sister (Nikki) and I used to invade our mom’s kitchen to bake all sorts of pastries. Nikki’s creations were always greeted with, “Oohs” and “Aahs”, or “this is delicious, Nikki!”, while my own concoctions were accompanied with “maybe you should have left it longer in the oven, dear”.

And so imagine my delight when I finally got a chance to create a Baking-themed party (partnered with Nikki as well)! The client and I went through 2 meetings just to brainstorm for ideas, and she chose the baking theme above all of my other suggestions. This theme was also close to her heart, as she told me that as a child her family used to own and manage a coffee shop, and they would work with commercial bakers for the shop’s pastry offerings.

The trickiest part about this party is all the small, little details that make it extra special. Here’s a snapshot of the stage set-up to show you what I mean:


See what I mean? There are so many small details that this long-view does not give the set-up justice. Let’s zoom in on and take a look at the little details that all the other guests of the party enjoyed so much:





DSC_5432 DSC_5442


I just love how craft-sy and dainty the baking cup garland turned out (see the last photo on top); kudos to the Party Magic team for doing it! As with any other styling gig, handmade crafts will always play an important part in the design.

Dressing up the stage was a monumental task by itself. The team and I had to procure tons of various items such as, rolling pins, cups, pots, pans, tea sets, cutlery, mixers, jars, mannequins, table cloths, sugar, chocolate, cake stands, cook books, and more!

The ceiling decor was matched with all the on-ground props, where we stuck to a light and pastel color theme:


The photo-op set-up, on the other hand, was designed with mixed accordion fans, which were specifically requested by the client:



And speaking of photos, a big big THANK YOU goes to Justin of Delicious Food Photography for the wonderful and tastefully taken photos!

I couldn’t have pulled off this theme though without, of course, Simply Paris‘ (Nikki’s) amazing pastry creations. This is, after all, a baking party. Take a look at what she whipped up below:


DSC_5428\ DSC_5519




The donuts at the last photo right on top were provided by me, by the way. Don’t they look so sumptuous? They’re fake, by the way (still can’t bake even up to now! ;p).

Among all of the decor and wonderfully baked up pastries though, the REAL star of the show was the host of the party itself, Jen Belen. She came to the party in complete costume (see below)! The set-up combined with Jen in a baker’s outfit was so in-theme that all the guests thought that there was going to be a live baking demo on the stage!

jen picture

Jen cooked up a real STORM during the party, that I received a lot of feedback from guests on how funny, entertaining, and full of energy Jen was. This happens ALL THE TIME with the parties that Jen and I share, that I rarely get a compliment for my decor anymore. What a scene stealer! (LOL)

And last but not the least, let’s close this post with good vibes by taking a look at the adorable Megumi and her most loving parents:


‘Til the next party!



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