Bash and Ethan: A Vintage Mickey Affair


First of all, I’m sorry if I have not been updating my blog in the past few weeks; just came from a long trip abroad, but I am now back in design mode!

The first party (after the Holy Week vacation) that I would like to share and discuss with you is a very nice twist on an old classic: Vintage Mickey Mouse. My client, Marielle, initially visited the store and informed me that she would like to throw a Mickey Mouse party for her 1 year old as her older son just adores Disneyland and Mickey Mouse. She did however, added the caveat that she definitely did NOT want the whole celebration to be a typical Mickey Mouse party.

This was, at the very least, a most challenging task: how do you revise an age-old classic such as Mickey Mouse into a modern, relevant character that would fit into the whole “styling aesthetic”?

As with most cases, I approached this challenge from a design perspective. I thought about Disneyland and my own experiences traveling there with my daughter, and immediately hit upon the Town Square Theater. Below is my inspiration board –

inspiration 1

 Here’s the stage that the Party Magic team and I came up with:


I just love the way the film negatives that border the left and right of the stage turned out – flowing, as if it were being unrolled by the legend himself, Walt Disney! Also love the circular arch in the shape of the face of Mickey, complete with his ears!

My most favorite part of the party, though, was the graphic design of the Mickey movie posters, which I had to recreate from scratch based on design that I found over the Internet:

IMG_4655 copy


IMG_4801 copy

The entrance and photo-op was also noteworthy; below is my inspiration for the entrance and photo-op area:

inspiration 3

 Now, here’s our version of the entrance and photo-op:

IMG_4626 copyIMG_4757 copyIMG_4772 copyIMG_4636 copyIMG_4793

A most special area within the party venue itself, however, was the dessert spread. And boy, was it truly a feast, both literally and visually. Again, kudos to Chef Nikki of Simply Paris!

IMG_4962 copy

IMG_4865 copy

IMG_4846 copy

Complete with vintage cameras, film reels, Mickey Mouse stuffed toys, the whole dessert area is a whole new story to be told.

My top pastries from Simply Paris:

IMG_4809 copy

Caramel popcorn cupcakes. Sticky caramel sauce was injected inside the cupcake, topped with fluffy buttercream, and finally, covered with caramel popcorn. Just saying that sentence makes my mouth water!

IMG_4813 copy

Mickey Mouse eclairs. White chocolate is my personal favorite. White chocolate in the shape of Mickey Mouse, though, is too irresistible!

IMG_4848 copy

Popcorn shaped cookies. Just love how this was executed. It must have taken quite a bit of effort to shape the cookie into a popcorn, let alone color it like one! And placing it on a stick, inside a popcorn box was also a unique twist!

And lastly, here’s a very happy 1st birthday to our little boy, Ethan!

IMG_4954 copy

‘Til the next party,


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