Morgan: A Baking Banquet!


In line with my New Year’s resolution to post more photos of our parties, here’s another one that I’m sure you’ll like: our Baking Party, version 2.0!

At Party Magic, we always try to push ourselves to new heights. Just because we’ve already done a theme before doesn’t mean that we can just reuse the concept all over again. What other element can we introduce to make the party extra special? What is the “kaboom” factor?

Of course, it also helps to have added incentive: it just so happened that the 7th birthday celebrant, Morgan, is my niece!


We decided to veer away from the typical ceiling treatment, and do a more unique twist: baking cup garlands, and lots of it! Here’s how it looks:



Morgan's 7th Birthday-137

If you take a close look at the photo above, you’ll notice something: each baking cup is lighted! You can’t see it here, but the lights are programmed to blink on and off in a set pattern as well. This was an afternoon party, so by the time the sun set and the venue grew a little bit dark, the lights totally did their magic!

Let’s take another look at the stage setup, this time with the birthday celebrant herself!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-140

Now, let’s zoom in on the details!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-54

Morgan's 7th Birthday-69

Morgan's 7th Birthday-77

Morgan's 7th Birthday-56

Morgan's 7th Birthday-74

Morgan's 7th Birthday-83

Morgan's 7th Birthday-67

For those who are wondering, yes, that’s a real KitchenAid!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-73

Morgan's 7th Birthday-60

Morgan's 7th Birthday-75

There are so many details, we haven’t even tackled the entrance, dessert table, and centerpiece yet!

Another special element to the baking theme is the ability to infuse actual pastries and cakes into the stage concept. For Morgan, Simply Paris created a whole set of cakes for her!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-71

Morgan's 7th Birthday-72

If that’s not enough, here’s some more cakes!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-219

Morgan's 7th Birthday-217

Morgan's 7th Birthday-213

Morgan's 7th Birthday-214

Before we leave the stage, here’s a candid photo of the great host, Jen Belen herself, in her element!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-414

Let’s move on to the entrance set-up shall we?

Morgan's 7th Birthday-101

Isn’t the family just adorable!

Below is another shot, this time with Morgan and her sweet sister, Summer!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-87

The concept was a mini bakeshop, filled will all these goodies!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-35

Morgan's 7th Birthday-29

Morgan's 7th Birthday-28

Are these delectable pastries real? Or fake? (Hint: answer is at the bottom of this post!)

Morgan's 7th Birthday-25

Morgan's 7th Birthday-23

Morgan's 7th Birthday-31

Morgan's 7th Birthday-33

Morgan's 7th Birthday-26

Morgan's 7th Birthday-38

In this blog, I’ve been talking about cohesiveness and sticking to your theme, and this is one way to achieve this: having crafts and activity booths patterned after your theme!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-148

Morgan's 7th Birthday-149

Morgan's 7th Birthday-151

Morgan's 7th Birthday-154

Morgan's 7th Birthday-161

Morgan's 7th Birthday-153

Morgan's 7th Birthday-147

Morgan's 7th Birthday-138

Morgan's 7th Birthday-145

The activities and crafts were made and organized by none other than the great Gladys of Crafts & Party Bucket! Kudos to her for styling such as wonderful crafts booth, as usual!

Mommy Cheryl, my sister-in-law, availed of the following activities:

Apron Decoration

Cooking Decoration

Fishbowl Decoration (okay, this is not really “in line” with the baking theme, but it’s so cool!)

Morgan's 7th Birthday-12

The centerpieces were not to be left behind! Each table were decorated with it’s own baking set, complete with Morgan’s invitation logo printed on a wooden block!

The baking banquet continues at the little corner at the end of the buffet table, where we see the dessert table set up! Check out the mini-kitchen set and the pastry cabinet!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-184

Take a look at how beautiful Simply Paris packaged its sweets: custom cupcake boxes and mini glass jars!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-175

Morgan's 7th Birthday-177

Morgan's 7th Birthday-179

And of course, look at these wonderful Simply Paris creations!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-173

Morgan's 7th Birthday-180

Morgan's 7th Birthday-182

Morgan's 7th Birthday-181

Morgan's 7th Birthday-183

Congratulations for a job well done, Mommy Cheryl! A joyful 7th birthday to our sweet Morgan!

Morgan's 7th Birthday-129

Morgan's 7th Birthday-120

Oh, as for the answer to my trick question above, the pastries are fake!

‘Til the next party,


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