Chelsea’s Candyland Paradise!


It has been a very very long time since my last blog post (see Sam’s Barnyard Blowout), as I recently gave birth to my beautiful sweet girl, Chloe Brielle (cheers for me!)! And so coming off from my semi-leave from work, I will make up for this by mustering my writing juices and trying my best to post more parties in the near future!

Here’s a personal favorite of mine, which I’ve always wanted to post and share with you but did not really have the time (until now): Chelsea’s Candyland party!

Let me dive straight in and show you the ceiling work:

Chelsea First Birthday-25

Chelsea First Birthday-15

After seeing the Party Magic team’s handiwork, I knew that all our hard work, sweat, and tears were all worth it. The sight’s a real stunner! You see, the venue we styled was none other than Decagon at Silver City. Although this venue is ideal for children’s parties, filling up the ceiling is no mean feat, as it is high, and the space to be filled is quite large.

The concept is simple – pastel colored swags, lanterns, and pompoms, with special lanterns customized to look like candies! We made a special order of the extra-large sized lanterns and tied tulle fabric on both ends to make it look like large candies!

Here’s another beautiful shot of the ceiling, care of the great Little J Photography!

Chelsea First Birthday-23

The stage follows along on the same lines, this time with various props to resemble a fantastical candy store! Colors were chosen in order to induce that sweet, fun-filled atmosphere. We wanted kids to feel the same wonder they felt when entering a candy store, and we hope we were successful!

Chelsea First Birthday-211

Check out these adorable, giant chocolate bars, Reese’s and Gobstopper! 

Chelsea First Birthday-72

Styling is all about details, details, details. So we made sure we spared no expense in filling up the party with these.

Chelsea First Birthday-75

Chelsea First Birthday-79

Special mention is deserved for Chelsea’s cake, made by the amazing Tazzy Cakes! Set against that soft, luminescent backdrop, the cake’s details and craftsmanship stood out even more. 

Chelsea First Birthday-158

Chelsea First Birthday-156

One more scene before I leave the stage: the Amazing Wizzo! I just had to include this. Little J did an awesome job capturing the illusionist at his work!

Chelsea First Birthday-556

Here’s another sweet shot (pun intended!) by Little J, this time of the celebrating family, Mommy Rachel, Chelsea, and Daddy!

Chelsea First Birthday-225

 Speaking of details, here’s another design element I am really proud of: the centerpiece!

Chelsea First Birthday-107

Although the Party Magic team had a hell of a time assembling these cardboard puzzles boards (we were assembling these babies all the way until almost the start of the party!), the effort was definitely worth it!

The centerpieces we used were varied, the designs all wonderfully detailed:

Chelsea First Birthday-10

Chelsea First Birthday-6

Chelsea First Birthday-22

 Now, let’s move on to the ACTUAL sweet shop; the dessert station!

Chelsea First Birthday-131

Chelsea First Birthday-127

Chelsea First Birthday-116

A happy happy celebration to dearest Chelsea and family!

Chelsea First Birthday-628

‘Til the next party,


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  • Hi michelle, did you buy the cardboard puzzles centerpieces? Is there anyway I can buy centerpieces from you? What paper did you use for the ice cream cones. Thanks!

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