Sam: A Barnyard Blowout!


What I love the most about styling is how different each and every party turns out. No matter how long you’ve been in this industry, as long as you keep yourself inspired, you will always surprise guests, and even yourself!

When I heard from the client that she wanted a “barn” theme, I was all raring to go! This was simply because there are so many possibilities in creating a “styling twist” to this classic theme.

Take, for example, the stage. It was a perfect opportunity to create an iconic barn facade, and this is exactly what the Party Magic team did:

IMG_9556 copy

What I love about this setup is that it is not too serious, nor is it too “cartoony”. It is the perfect blend of stylishness that appeals to the adults, and playfulness that in turn appeals to the kids!

IMG_9535 copy

IMG_9523 copy

Believe it or not, those vegetables that you see are fake! It was so much fun using these ingenious details and sprinkling them all over the venue.

My next favorite element is the ceiling decor itself. Instead of the usual decor, I opted to use fabric bunting flags of varying patterns. This created that important “festive” feel, kind of like what you feel when you walk in a fair or market. Check the view below:

IMG_9558 copy

Isn’t that breathtaking?

IMG_9683 copy

If you take a closer look at the stage setup (look at the table on the left side), you will see the birthday cake integrated into the decor as well. It’s so cute!


The centerpieces were not to be left behind. We had two types of centerpieces – the fruit basket, and the plant bowl. Which one do you like more?

IMG_9694 copy

IMG_9686 copy

For the photo-op area, we held a photo montage of the birthday boy himself, Sam! This area was just the right kind of “busy” – tight and filled with props, but not too much to be confusing and cluttered.


IMG_9589 copy

IMG_9593 copy

IMG_9602 copy

Let’s zoom in on my favorite element – the 3 cloth ponies!

IMG_9607 copy

The dessert table was a story all unto itself. Take a look at the whole spread below:

IMG_9651 copy

The whole idea was to simulate how food would be displayed inside a country fair or barn. Imagine wooden tables spread out, with a smattering of hay and straw, filled with delicacies displayed on wooden crates and boxes and cake stands. Let’s zoom in and take a closer look:

IMG_9715 copy

IMG_9630 copy

IMG_9643 copy

Again, Simply Paris did an awesome job on the treats! All treats were customized to match the colors of the styling as well as the barn element. Take a look at the toppers too; such detail!




IMG_9637 copy

Of course, what’s a barn theme without chick cake pops?

IMG_9641 copy

A happy happy celebration for little boy Sam and family!

‘Til the next party,


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