Welcome To Samuel’s Bible Town Party: A Day To Rejoice



What do you do when you want to celebrate God and Jesus in your child’s birthday but at the same time don’t want it to be too serious, boring, or that dreaded term: typical?

At this point in the conversation, the usual suggestion would be made: do a theme based on Noah’s Ark.

My client, Merianne, wanted something different though.

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Welcome to Samuel’s Bible Town Party, where we celebrate the miracle of Jesus in our lives.

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One particular request my clients, Merianne and Jason had, was to focus on Jesus and the children, something light and happy.

In order to do this, I had our graphics team customize some artwork:


I have to say. Pat, our graphics designer has done some really neat characterizations before, but this one is really something. I love how she drew Jesus with the lovable expression, cuddling sheep!


A technique I love to use in event styling is to “focus on the setting”. What I mean by that is instead of becoming too “literal” in your interpretation of a theme or character, you should look at things from the perspective of the setting: the where and the when. In writing and storytelling, the setting sets the mood and the main backdrop for the story, so why won’t it be the same for styling as well!

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What’s inside Joseph’s carpentry shop? Read on to find out!

Here’s what I mean: if you wanted to create a party about Jesus, would you fill your party with Bibles, Holy Crosses, and loaves of bread? Probably not. Instead, you would probably focus on Jerusalem, a vibrant city sprawling with synagogues, souqs (the Arab market or bazaar), and whitewashed stone houses.

In particular, I found the idea of the Arab souq very appealing, which is why the stage focused on this important element in any Middle Eastern city:

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The souq or market in Jerusalem must have been an integral part of life in the city. This is the center of commerce and activity, where people purchase their everyday needs, procure the medicines, fruits, meat, and most other essentials. I would also imagine that the souq would also be the center of social activity, where people gather around for the latest news.


Arab Market in Kaloun Painting, by Mountain Dreams. Source

One aspect of early Arab life was the proliferation of clay pots; this was a design element that I was very keen on using for Samuel’s party. Fortunately, I had the chance to use it on the table centerpieces:

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If you take a second look at the entrance I designed, does it look familiar? I based the design loosely on common depictions of Jesus’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem (after he raised Lazarus from the dead, days before the Last Supper). For most of us, this day is known as simply, Palm Sunday:


Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Source

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Party Magic’s interpretation of Palm Sunday

Lastly we head on to my favorite element: Joseph’s carpentry shop!

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The tent was composed mostly of loose beige cloth, but inside it is the real treasure. This time around, I get use Persian rugs to accentuate that Middle Eastern feel. There’s a rustic ladder covered with brown cloth (perhaps a tunic?), while the central table is filled with various pots, greenery, and florals:

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This is where I get the chance to apply a lot of layering and textures!


A warm congratulations to Merianne and Jason for a successful dedication and birthday party! Happy birthday, Samuel!


Photo acknowledgement: Nice Print Photography



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