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I’ve known Ery, my client, since we were young kids. And every time I get to work with friends, I am always reminded of how lucky I am.

As I’ve always said, nothing is as fulfilling as providing top-notch quality service to the people you genuinely like and admire.

So when I suggested this particular theme to my friend, it was partly done on a whim, a sort of last-minute idea that flashed before my mind. It also helped that I wanted to do something totally new. In other words, I wanted this event to be extra special for Elise, Ery’s daughter. (we also did the party of Ery’s first, Kenzo!)

After saying it, I thought I may have bitten off more than I could chew.

You see, the theme I’m talking about was abstract, simple in concept, but deceptively hard to execute on a large scale. Add to that the fact that no other stylist (to my knowledge) had ever done a theme like this. This meant that it was all up to me to fill in the “meat”, breathe life into the concept.

In other words, I was all alone on this one.


Elise’s Gems Themed Party: Truly Unique. Photos by Delightful Little Darlings by DLD!

Good thing I had help from the Party Magic team.


Meet the family! Daddy Keef, Mommy Ery, and their kids Kenzo and Elise


I mentioned before in this blog that it’s always better to pick a theme that is specific in nature, rather than general. For example, it’s not recommended to do a theme based on simply “clouds”, or “kites”. It’s better if you add more “flavour” or depth into it, by doing for example, Parisian Park, or Snoopy’s street fair.

Then I go ahead and throw my own rules out the window.


So this brings me to my new rule: in event styling, there are no rules. In a world controlled by creatives, rules only last long enough for you or someone else to break them.


What I am proud of from Elise’s Gems party was two new “innovations”: the holographic “shards”, and the felt balloon garland!

Notice the two garlands draped to the left and right in the picture above? That’s the felt balloon garland. It’s a sort of balloon “necklace”, wrapped with felt cloth. We then proceeded to wrap this necklace around the stage, which creates this elegant, soft texture to an otherwise “hard”-looking stage. The necklace is more apparent in this angle of the stage:


Balloon garlands in lavender and pink provide the whole stage a softer look.

I am so excited to show off the holographic shards as well, partly because I had one hell of a time finding a way to fabricate them!


The holographic “shards”

For the stage, I wanted a touch of that iridescent look, the kind that throws of different colors depending on which angle you look. To pull this off, I had to produce a customized acrylic stand and wrap it with special holographic sheets.

The ceiling work was designed to continue that light, gems/geometric theme. We placed large gem shapes wrapped in glitter fringe in the center, surrounded by clear balloons and pastel lanterns.


The cake was an absolute masterpiece. I knew that when Sugarplum Pastries heard about the theme, they couldn’t wait to get started. This was truly inspired work.


Speaking of pastries, the dessert station was a magisterial lesson in thematic color coordination:



Per usual, Clowning Around provided professional, quality entertainment. A highlight of the program was when Elise started singing along when Clowning Around sang the iconic “Let It Go”. Cue teary eyes from Mommy Ery!


The professionals: great entertainment provided by Clowning Around


Some people always seem to be preoccupied with how costly throwing a party is.

But my contention is this: those people are missing the bigger picture. What price are you willing to pay to see all your loved ones gathered in one beautiful place, celebrating the little human being that you’ve just brought into life? How can you put a price tag on the joy you feel at that moment?

I can’t answer that for you, but I will tell you this: that look on Mommy Ery’s face?



Happy birthday dear Elise!



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  • Love the color scheme of Elise’s Gem party theme. How much would this kind of styling costs from stage, ceiling and entrance decorations?

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