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While my brother was busy collecting his Marvel and DC comic books, I was happily flipping the pages of my Archie Comics, getting updated on the life of America’s quintessential boy next-door, and the predicament he usually found himself in by being in the middle of Betty and Veronica.

But wouldn’t it be the bee’s knees if you could relive the life and times of Riverdale, but this time as your own character?

Meet Aerin, Riverdale High’s new transfer student, and all-around sweetheart!

Aerin's 7th Birthday_116

I have to give props to Mommy Monette for this fantastic idea. She had her artist draw up Aerin’s own Riverdale avatar so the Party Magic team and I could incorporate her into the Riverdale universe. This caricature doesn’t match up to the real thing, though!

Aerin's 7th Birthday_34

That’s Aerin, all cozied up in Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, waiting for her strawberry milkshake. Ain’t she lovely!

Aerin's 7th Birthday_2

Massive applause to the whole Dy family too, for getting all dressed up for the occasion. Take a look at toddler Jughead over there!

Aerin's 7th Birthday_24

Aerin and little Jughead, just hanging around in the Chock-lit Shoppe!


Most people have the misconception that all the decoration work happens during the actual day of the party. This could not be more wrong. The reality is, styling is 70% prep-work, 30% on-the-day-work. And all prep-work begins with conceptualization, planning, and design.

Much like writing, I believe that in order to properly design a party, you need to know the subject (theme) very well.

Fortunately for me, I knew this subject so much that I didn’t even need to do a single piece of research work!

Aerin's 7th Birthday_119

The stage happens in the corridors of Riverdale High School, where Aerin is campaigning for class president. Her opponent? Archie! I wonder who will win?

Aerin's 7th Birthday_112

Off to stage left we find Betty and Veronica. Their cheerleader uniforms are hung on their lockers:

Aerin's 7th Birthday_108

Jughead is busily handing out flyers to all the students:

Aerin's 7th Birthday_191

I had a lot of fun doing the ceiling work. We placed disco balls, black and white polka dot balloons, stars, tassels and lanterns, all arranged in what I would call a “beautiful mess”.

Aerin's 7th Birthday_134

I made sure to hang speech balloons too, that distinctive feature of all comic books:

Aerin's 7th Birthday_89

Aerin's 7th Birthday_153

After all that campaigning work, the kids head on to a little corner where Aerin prepared a special set of treats for all her loyal supporters:

Aerin's 7th Birthday_176

Aerin's 7th Birthday_160

Aerin's 7th Birthday_206

What I especially like about the Riverdale concept is the fact that you could match your food with your theme as well. For example, you could call in Frittery to serve french fries and hotdogs:

Aerin's 7th Birthday_238

Another food cart perfect for this theme is Slammin’ Burgers. What’s more American than burgers! Fun fact: besides burgers, Slammin’s also serves chicken wings!

Aerin's 7th Birthday_232

For those interested, their rates can be downloaded at the end of this blog post.

Guests can take their snacks and head on over to Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe (this is the photo area that we made for Aerin):

Aerin's 7th Birthday_98

Aerin's 7th Birthday_256

And since this is Archie, I just couldn’t help but do my own version of an Aerin & Friends Comics cover page:

Aerin's 7th Birthday_124

This was placed in front of our entrance decor, where guests can stick their heads in and smile for the camera.

Before guests left, they got to take home a little piece of Aerin’s Riverdale with them, in the form of salted egg chips, and a sports bottle!

Aerin's 7th Birthday_177

Aerin's 7th Birthday_186

A big HAPPY 7TH to our dear sweetheart, Aerin!

Aerin's 7th Birthday_100




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