Aethan: A Rock Star’s 7th Birthday


Now, this theme has got to be right up there in terms of being one of the most unique ones for any party: Rock and Roll. My client, Karen, insisted on this theme because her son Aethan is a music enthusiast and loves anything Rock!

After hearing this proposed theme for the first few minutes, my mind was instantly bogged down with a most important dilemma: how do I make a Rock theme, with all its implications of partying, drugs and wild abandonment, kid-friendly?

The first thing to tackle of course, was the color scheme. Normally, rock implies black, studs, skulls, leather, and more black. Black is really not that kid-friendly (nor happy!), so I went for a sky blue, orange, and violet theme instead.

Here is what the stage set-up looked like:


Instead of studs, skulls, and leather, which are downright scary and a bit depressing, I decided to work with a jukebox, vinyl records, and graphic amplifiers (at the back right of the stage). So as to provide a more realistic (and styling) feel, the Party Magic team and I displayed album covers of Rock and Roll greats such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and the more contemporary artists like Foo Fighters and Paramore.

We also placed actual musical instruments such as an electric guitar, amplifier, and keyboards! My all-time favorite though, is the block letters designed in equalizer pattern! Psychedelic!

IMG_4228 v2 copy


 Vinyl records were also decorated as part of the ceiling treatment.

IMG_4189 copy

IMG_4190 copy

I also had fun dressing up the dessert table: containers and jars were wrapped with keyboard and vinyl record stickers. Check out those silver guitars in the background! Just love how intricately designed they are!

IMG_4213 copy

For every kid that enters the party, he or she gets shades and their very own exclusive, backstage pass to Aethan’s Rockin’ Awesome 7th Birthday!

IMG_4211 copy

IMG_4209 copy

And now the clincher – For the entrance set-up, I decided to go for a softer approach and focus more on wood and natural elements. Guitars were converted from electric to acoustic. I love that park bench! It fit perfectly as a place for guests to sit down and pose for the camera.

‘Til the next party!


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