Top 10 Kiddie Party Venues in Metro Manila


Whenever we have a meeting with our clients at Party Magic, the very first question we ask is: where is your venue or events place?

This is the first question because of practical reasons: the venue or events place for your upcoming kiddie party will have an effect on such matters as the theme, the logistics, the suppliers (some venues only allow a certain set of suppliers), the caterer, and ultimately, the costing or fee for styling the event.

Make no mistake: if you are a mommy on the first stages of planning for your child’s upcoming party, venue is and should always be the first thing on your checklist. If you are planning to have the party in Metro Manila, here are the best venues you can choose from:

(as a side note: I did not include clubhouses and hotel function rooms, as I consider these venues under a separate category)

1. The Blue Leaf (Mckinley Hill)

The classic events place. This is probably the most popular venue choice for most celebrants who are looking to create a strong impact to their guests.


What I like: The Blue Leaf interiors are well polished, modern, and versatile. Landscaping and grassy areas on the outside for great photo-ops and a more relaxed, natural feel even though you are at the heart of the metro. Quality of service (of maintenance crew, valet service, security guards) is excellent and almost unmatched with any other venues (except for the hotels of course). Rental rates may seem high, but once you’ve gone around the metro and done a survey of other competing venues, The Blue Leaf’s rate when considering its list of offerings becomes a value deal.

What I don’t like: A little known fact is that The Blue Leaf, because its ceiling is quite high, charges anywhere between P10,000-P20,000 additional for ceiling draping service. If you are planning a kiddie party, this does not include any additional decor that you might want to hang (i.e., lanterns, pompoms, etc.). If you opt for your stylist to do the ceiling decor for you, also expect the stylist to charge extra for this service.

Address: Mckinley Hill, Taguig

Capacity: 200-300 pax

Rates: P65,000 upwards


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2. The Blue Leaf Filipinas (Aseana City)

Version 2.0 to the classic venue. Same superb management, same quality of design and interior, albeit this time leaning a bit more on the native side.

Cesca's 7th Birthday-204

What I like: Same as the Blue Leaf Mckinley Hill, interiors are sleek, modern, and well maintained. The outdoor area has a very nice waterfall display that can be fully appreciated at night because of its lighting. Great service.

What I don’t like: Same as the Blue Leaf Mckinley Hill above.

Address: Aseana City (beside City of Dreams)

Capacity: 200-400 pax

Rates: P65,000 upwards


3. 55 Events Place

This is a lesser known venue, but a gem nonetheless, which is why it deserves to be in this blog post. Venue interior is zen and minimalist, with high ceiling. A clear favorite for brand launches and corporates, but nonetheless quite apt for children’s parties as well.


photo credit: Hizon’s Catering

What I like: The location is convenient (in the Tomas Morato area), valet service is offered, and the venue offers good packages. Venue size is just right (around 200 pax), and the high ceiling allows you to use inflatables.

What I don’t like: Parking may be a challenge, but this is mitigated with the events place already commissioning an unused lot across the street.

Address: Scout Rallos St., Quezon City

Capacity: 200-250 pax

Rates: P45,000 upwards


4. Oasis Manila

Probably the closest in resemblance to The Blue Leaf, Oasis Manila offers a very impressive complex made up of 3 separate function rooms. If you are looking for a place that is classy and can house a considerable number of guests, The Oasis should be in your top considerations.


photo credit:

What I like: The venue is near the San Juan and Quezon City area, which is perfect if your guests are mostly coming from these cities. The Oasis designed its function rooms to be very clean, with minimal interior styling except for some wooden accent features. This allows the stylist to play up and transform the venue any which way she likes. The function rooms are also designed to allow in a lot of natural sunlight, which is absolutely perfect for capturing nice photos.

What I don’t like: Although the management has provided for 2 floors of parking space, parking might still be a big issue especially for parties with a large number of guests. Furthermore, the Oasis also does not offer valet services, so be sure to bring your driver along with you.

Address: Aurora Boulevard, San Juan City

Capacity: 200-300 pax

Rates: P65,000 upwards


5. White Space Manila

A favorite for corporate events, weddings, and kiddie parties, White Space Manila is always on the shortlist for every celebrant.


What I like: White Space Manila is just what the name says: a blank, white space that you are free to dress up under any theme you want. This is the perfect blank canvas for any stylist to paint her own vision for a party. More than this, though, because of its windows and the reflective nature of its white walls, the White Space is the photographer’s dream of a venue because of its strong natural lighting for lunch time events.

What I don’t like: Again, the size of the venue and its ceiling height will mean a lot more props required to fill up the ceiling, which might mean a higher cost when it comes to the decor / styling fee.

Address: Chino Roces Ave, Makati City

Capacity: 150-450 pax

Rates: P55,000 upwards


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6. Decagon at Silver City

Just beside Tiendesitas, Decagon is a large venue that is commonly considered by those celebrants looking to treat 300 or more guests.

Chelsea First Birthday-25

What I like: The Decagon offers a very impressive, circular, high ceiling space that sufficiently puts guests in awe, especially when the stylist decorates its ceiling beautifully. The venue can house about 300 guests (and more), has extra VIP rooms for the celebrating family, and an extra area near the entrance that can serve as the reception or buffet table area. Because the venue is part of a larger commercial building, guests can also park in the parking space adjacent to the building.

What I don’t like: Half of the venue is covered by a glass wall with curtains attached. If the curtains are closed during the event, lighting provisions are not sufficient to illuminate the whole venue. So don’t forget to keep the curtains open during your party!

Address: Frontera Verde Drive cor Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig City (near Tiendesitas)

Capacity: 300-400 pax

Rates: P50,000 upwards


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7. Elements at Centris

A clean-looking, upper scale tent nestled conveniently near EDSA at Eton Centris, the Elements at Centris is another great option for those with a large number of guests and looking for a classy, high-end venue.

naima blog

What I like: Elements can provide a very clean-looking, minimal space for  party which you can dress up for your special event. The venue also offers you the option of availing their clear acrylic stage (at additional cost, of course). Parking is no problem as there is a huge outdoor parking area just outside the venue.

What I don’t like: Air-conditioning may become insufficient, especially if your party is hosting a lot of guests, or if the party is held at noon time, during summer season.

Address: Eton Centris, Quezon City (along EDSA)

Capacity: 300-400 pax

Rates: P60,000 upwards


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8. Dancevision Arena

Located along N. Domingo St., conveniently near the San Juan / Quezon City area, Dancevision Arena offers an affordable, value-packed offer with its very spacious function hall.

IMG_3296 copyb

What I like: Rates are very reasonable, with no corkage, no list of caterers that you are required to choose from. Air-conditioning is highly sufficient. Ceiling is very high, offering a more grand feel to the place. A second benefit to have a high ceiling is the fact that you can put inflatables (for example, a bouncy castle) inside the venue!

What I don’t like: Parking may be an issue, so make sure that you ask the venue to secure the empty lot adjacent to the venue for additional parking space. Moreover, because the space is mostly indoors with little windows, natural lighting becomes scarce which will greatly challenge the event photographer’s skills. If you are renting this venue, be sure to hire a lights supplier as well.

Address: N. Domingo St., San Juan City

Capacity: 300-500 pax

Rates: P45,000 upwards


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9. One Rockwell

One Rockwell is the perfect venue for those celebrants with a small to medium sized guest list (100-150 guests), and those who are looking for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

IMG_9227 copy

What I like:  One Rockwell has a great ambiance, given its cozy interiors and cove lighting. A big factor is the fact that the venue is nestled in the heart of Rockwell Center, where your guests can amble on to Power Plant Mall afterward.

What I don’t like: Put particular care in estimating your guest list. Because the size of the function hall is not that large, a simple underestimation in the number of attending guests can lead to a fully packed venue, which is not that fun (nor cozy) for your guests!

Address: One Rockwell, Rockwell Center, Makati City

Capacity: 100 pax

Rates: (please contact venue)

Website: n/a

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10. St. Francis Shangri-La Place

St. Francis’ function room, much like One Rockwell, is a great place to hold a party if you are looking for a more relaxed vibe. Check out how we styled Eloise’s slumber party below!


What I like: The function room has a soft, comfortable feel to it that encourages guests to sit down, loiter, and chat. Perfect for hosts that are looking to bond with family and friends on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

What I don’t like: The function room is a bit awkwardly designed, being “L” shaped, with the butt of the “L” shape being a naturally isolated area. Fortunately, this is where we usually just place the buffet area so that every space is maximized.

Address: St. Francis Shangri-La Place, Mandaluyong City (beside Shangri-La Mall)

Capacity: 100 pax

Rates: (please contact venue)


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