Winter: A Mickey Cinematic Experience


After so many months, I finally got to tackle (for the 2nd time) probably the most well-known character in the whole world: Mickey Mouse! Here’s a quick look:

IMG_8030 copy

Don’t you just love this scene! I know I do. This is the type of image that I’d like to go back to again and again, simply because it’s such a visual feast. Mickey just loves showing off, and this is exactly what he’s doing now: unveiling the curtain to today’s show: Winter’s Birthday Party.

IMG_7990 copy

If you’ve read my blog post about Bash and Ethan: A Vintage Mickey Affair, you would have seen Party Magic’s first jab at this awesome theme. The main idea is to veer away from the usual, cliche-ish (is that a word?) interpretation of a Mickey Mouse party, and put a “styling” spin into it. In order to do that, you will need to latch on to a certain concept for Mickey. For Bash and Ethan, it was “vintage” and the idea of the Town Square Theater. Combine that with Mickey and you arrive at this amazing party.

Needless to say we’ve had a lot of clients coming up to us and mentioning Bash and Ethan’s party as their favorite, including our client, Alessa. So here’s another shot at it, this time with a more dramatic flair. Her main peg was the vintage Mickey comic strip and we somehow needed to build on that:


If you take a closer look, the comic strip was used as the backdrop for our stage set-up. I also decided to draw influence on the concept of Steamboat Willie:


What or who is Steamboat Willie? Well, Steamboat Willie is a short film directed by Walt Disney himself, where Mickey Mouse made his debut appearance. Remember the black and white intro you see whenever you watch a Disney movie, where Mickey Mouse is whistling this jaunting tune? That’s straight from Steamboat Willie!

And this explains the “Steamboat Winter” text at the stage:

IMG_8010 copy

I love how styling puts such a spin to these classic themes. If you recall my previous blog post about 12 Ways To Make Your Lego Party Awesome, that was another spin to a classic theme, Lego. Sometimes, clients get overwhelmed with the fact that they are tackling such a wide ranging theme (for example, Disney) that they forget that the best parties are those that are “tightly conceptualized”, or focusing on a limited aspect.

I am also very proud of our ceiling work. We hung ribbons in 3 colors and assorted gold and red lanterns in the middle of the cove lighting.

IMG_8062 copy

This photo-area is too cute. I especially love the “Now Showing” light box, and the star print on the floor with Mickey’s “glove prints”! Makes for a nice photo with the family.

IMG_7976 copy

IMG_8076 copy

IMG_7973 copy

The dessert area focused on “Main Street Cinema” as the overarching theme. Think about these desserts as the treats that people usually buy before going into the movies!

IMG_8150 copy

Of course, what’s a movie without popcorn! (or in this case, popcorn cupcakes!)

IMG_8124 copy

Racking your brains for some nice Mickey Mouse party ideas? Take a look at some of these thematic desserts below!

IMG_8096 copy

Bake some macaroons, and make sure they are in the color of vintage red and pale yellow.

IMG_8128 copy

Decorate eclairs with sprinkle toppings.

IMG_8116 copy

Bake strawberry fruit tarts and make toppers in the shape of a movie reel!

IMG_8147 copy

IMG_8112 copy

Well, I hope you liked today’s party feature. The Party Magic team and I definitely enjoyed decorating this one.

If you have any questions, you know where to reach me.

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  • Wow! Amazing! I am currently pregnant with my first child and I am already imagining his first birthday or baptisim party. And your blog makes me so excited! I hope we could work together when my son is born!

    You’re awesome!

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